Monday, September 1, 2008

Babylond A.D.

Interesting title. I thought it was some odd ball science fiction movie. Well, it is science fiction but it suits more of an action film. Vin Diesel is back and he storms the screen with his usual self but that is good enough. He only has a few cool one liners in this film, it is A Man Apart or even Pitch Black but it may make more money since this movie comes later in his career and the marketing blitz for this film probably exceeds both of those.

This movie is sort of a cross between Children of Men and 12 Monkeys. There is some cool scenes and technology in this film. I like the supersonic futuristic air drone predators in the middle of the movie, the slow but intelligent flying war head shot from a rifle, and nanotechnological map in the back of a trunk of a beater.

This movie was better than the Chronicles of Riddick which was just too ridiculous to take serious. This movie had much more suspence but the villian was a religious over lord. Not a man this time though.

Never seen Melanie Thiery before but she is a cuty, not a Jennifer Love Hewitt or Amber Heard but still brings something to the table.

The ending was weak which undermines this mostly entertaining and thrilling piece of work. Not impressive and that detracts from this film. The villianous has weapons and unlimited firepower in her arsenal and at her disposal and she only sends two SUV's after Vin Diesel and the girl who she drastically seeks? This does not make allot of sense. She blows up a powerful Russian gangster with large caliber powerful war heads in Russia. But she only sends two SUV's after the heroes? That makes little sense. This sad ending just makes one scrath their head. Did the Director have some sort of secret curfew? Or were the stakeholders just demanding closure? Oh well.

This movie portrays Russia as a terrible place to be, a violent wasteland. This movie takes place in the future, about 40 years from now. I did not catch the exact year if it was displayed. Hey, I am watching it online. Cut me some slack!

When Vin Diesel fights the cage fighter, reminiscent of Jet Li in Cradle to the Grave.

This movie was exciting but the weak ending really sinks this new Vin Diesel action flick. Therefore I can not say it is better than Iron Man but it is better than The Incredible Hulk. The latter was just anemic with only three main action scenes and none of them were what they should have been or what we were expecting.

Vin Diesel should have stuck with the XXX roles and not of handed it over to Ice Cube. XXX II was not well done, the hip hop theme was comical and the special effects were not quality.

Vin Diesel could make another Riddick movie and I hope it is as cool and riveting as Pitch Black.

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Geo said...

I have to disagree with you..I thought this movie was horrible...The action at times were pointless. The acting was not that Great..The ending was horrible..I would not recommend this movie to anyone.