Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Family That Preys

Well, I saw my first Tyler Perry movie and it was impressive. Perhaps I should have watched the previous ones when I had a chance in Tempe on Mill Ave at the theatre. I thought this movie was going to have all black people in it and I was glad when it did not. I like to see some diversification. There were many black people in it ofcourse which is just fine and expected. Glad to see the Prison Break stud in this movie since Prison Break gave him a break for a while or forever-Rockmond Dunbar-I am speaking about. I would like to see him alongside Vin Diesel in a movie one day.

I have always enjoyed Cole Hauser in movies, ever since he opposed the super sonic Ice Cube in the mid 1990's tale called Higher Learning. He was solid in this film as Tyler Perry picked an outstanding assemble.

Robin Givens is still magnificent and should be given more roles. Still gorgeous as she played a COO in this movie hired by Cole Hauser's mother and just seems to antagonize him throughout the movie. Ofcourse Cole opens up a gaping door for himself with his egregious behavior.

Kathy Bates starred in this film as one of the top shareholder's and wife of a deceased company CEO. She battles with her son, played by Cole Hauser for the control of the company and the direction. This movie contains some beautiful moments and music. Some powerful characters, some honest, others seeking fame and glory and just ignoring comfort. Some characters forgetting their place and others perfectly happy with theirs.

The plot is full of some twists and deceipt, despair and rejuvenation. Great lines, music, men and woman, religion and temptation, the movie is well balanced. Worth seeing. Tyler Perry was worth the Fortune article that I read about him in a couple of years ago.

I allocate this film four stars. ****

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