Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Fake Fiance

This movie is about as predictable as they come. The title and the first 5 minutes unfolded the entire movie in front of me. Melissa Joan Hart is the main character who seems to enjoy or choose to attend weddings where she is disrespected and embarrassed to be there alone. Yet, she continues to give these weddings face time. Jennifer is her name and she is kind of cute. This movie copies some elements from a Ben Stiller movie called Along Came Polly-the uncomfortable wedding scene at the outset is one of them. So I can not even say it is that original. But it's plot is sort of unique and it is modestly entertaining.

Jennifer is having a tough time financially. She bought a home that she can barely afford and her moronic friend makes it quite easy for someone to steal her car by leaving the keys sitting in the ignition.

Joseph Lawrence is Jennifer's unhappy and reluctant partner. His name is Vince and he is a risk insurance agent like Stiller's character in Polly. He owes a local mob boss about $17000. Jay Leno's buddy Steve Schirripa plays The Monkey (as Steven R. Schirripa). He operates a small organized crime syndicate who employs his muscle men to intimidate Vince. The noose is tightening around his neck. Though this entire movie is comical.

Vince and Jennifer both have a mutual friend which is why they are both attending the elaborate and wasteful wedding in the opening scene. In the subsequent days, their respective lives were made worse under financial strain. Jennifer chooses to reach out to Vince and when they meet they discuss this elaborate scheme. The scheme is to execute a fake wedding to collect monetary donations and lucrative gifits to help them out of their predicaments.

The movie entails both of them lying to their parents and friends. It seems their problems only magnify in this light hearted comedy. It is amazing how Hollywood can make such a devious lie and plan appear reasonable.

As the tape reel rolls and Vince is shown wearing the tightest shirts available, him and Jennifer discover more about each other. Vince is taken in by her parents and Jennifer realizes Vince loves to play with children. Though I doubt a 12 year old boy is going to ask some strange man to tuck him in.

There is not one scene that is knockout hilarious. There is about 20 minutes that are quite slow and uneventful. This movie is devoid of memorable one liners or any spontaneous comedy. Vince does meet a gorgeous woman at the AA meeting he is compelled to attend. How anyone could lie to their family and friends like this is incredible. This type of ineptitude, selfishness, and deploration can not even be measured. The movie has a happy ending but the immorality of these two is horrendous. Though it is not as bad as Hollywood making a hero out of Billy the Kid in Young Guns I and II.

This movie does try to compensate for it's misdeeds by having the characters realize their intentions are despicable. They both make it right and Vince befriends his father who chose to not partake in the rearing of him as a child. The movie does pound good will and decency into us but the idea that two people could even consider this ignominous idea does not overcome the virtues the movie attempts to sell us. It is pure fantasy, they would rob a bank together far before they tried to design a sham wedding.

Despite this, it is still 5 times better than Nicolas Cage's Wicker Man.

I allocate this movie one star.**

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

This movie and story is totally fiction. But the most apparent fictional aspect of this film is a boy as ugly as Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley having a cute girl kiss him. But perhaps this could occur in the state of AZ.

This Harry Potter version was not the best one around. I had trouble determining the plot. It seemed the beginning never ended. It was not Wolverine nor Star Trek but still pretty good.

Daniel Radcliffe returns as the powerful Harry Potter. In this film, Potter was hesitant and this caused the death of a dear one.

The movie begins as the evil one uses his power to disrupt the real world, not the Harry Potter dimension. This forces knocks down a pedestrian bridge which crosses the Thames. Hence, people die. But the movie never returns to this occurence, the footage just rolls on.

Michael Gambon plays the Professor Albus Dumbledore. Not only is he a Prof., he is the school principal and most protective disciple. Him and Potter share the bulk of the scenery. They are are sort of batman and robin but I am not sure which is batman. The movie bounces around to various locations.

Albus knows that Lord Voldemort is somehow spying in the school and able to travel inside the school and out secretly. He somehow uses a cabinet which has the capability of disappearing. Voldemort has been Potter's arch nemesis for some time and seems to gain the upper hand in this film. This film does not contain a happy ending but an ominous and uncertain one. Not unlike the ending of Terminator Salvation which was a massive disappointment though.

The blond haired Tom Felton makes his presence felt again as Draco Malfoy. Malfoy has alwaysw been a spoiled punk but this movie shows how pathetic he is. It is one thing to dislike school but to begin to kill people is entire new ballgame. I wonder what his rich parents think about that. Probably not that different than Columbines' Harris and Klebold's parents think. Bewilderment and confusion.

The cute Emma Watson is back as the Hermione Granger. Hermione and Ron play even more of a second fiddle in this chapter of the Potter series than the previous ones. When Ron has some success on the broom like football/soccer game he gains an overt admirer. When they kiss passionately Hermione storms off and pouts away as Harry attempts to console her. I am not the greatest mind reader of woman but I never thought she had a thing for Ron. I think the audience is waiting for her and Harry to form a union. It would be better if they just got that over with and allowed Ron to have a girlfriend of his own if the creater wanted to avoid any awkwardness.

The garish and pompous Draco has allowed his weak self to be manipulated by Voldemort. Potter senses this and confronts him in the bathroom. They have a magical shootout and in this movie, which is a rarity, good triumphs evil. After this, it is downhill from then. Potter uses his power as Draco displays his foolish emotion which is why Voldemort targeted him in the first place. This is predictable. Those strikes are powerful from the wand and Potter puts multiple holes in Draco. As Professor Severus Snape played by the Die Hard villian Alan Rickman comes rushing into the scene. Potter has suspicions that Snape is evil and this is revealed in the outset when he is having a conversation with a few of Voldermort's despicable disciples. Snape uses his powers to heal Draco, therefore he survives.

Dumbledore seaks out Potter as he has been tasking him and bringing him along throughout this film. They are looking for Voldemort's lair. They find it and this leads them back to the tower house which this movie has been before. Dumbledore returns weakened because of lack of thirst and orders Potter to inform Professor Horace Slughorn of what they have learned. Slughorn is played by Jim Broadbent who I have never heard of. This is his first Potter film and the new character presented to us. He seems to be clueless of the events surrounding but he is critical since he knew Voldermort as a teenager just as he was considering going off the deep end. Someone should have killed him then. I believe society should be more proactive in its dealings with evil. Tom Riddle, played by Frank Dillane, is Voldemort as a teenager. He is twisted from genesis. When Dumbledore meets Voldemore as a 6 year old, it reminds me when Magneto and Professor Xavier meet The Phoenix as a child. Both end up having similiar power. Though this boy is pure evil, The Phoenix is an alter ego.

Well, Potter does not do as he is told. Too bad they do not have cell phones since Potter could just call for help to Slughorn or anyone else while spying on the unfolding events. Malfoy attempts to assassinate Dumbledore but does not pose the strength. Potter chokes here, seeminly to be more of a spectator rather that someone who can take initiative. Snape appears and Potter does not say anything. He chokes again. Voldemort's evil posse strolls in and it appears Dumbledore is in trouble. He is. Snape kills Dumbledore with a lethal strike. Potter then engages the evil team and is put in check. They could have killed Potter here and they should have but they are greedy and reckless. They miss their opportunity. Ofcourse why is Dumbledore doing all this sneaking around without sufficient backup? He is the lone ranger when it does not appear that is necessary. Does Potter have time for home work?

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Professors and students step out and see their cherished leader dead on the front lawn. The see and sense evil lurking overhead and they unite their wands in unison towards the mocking evil face. Evil backdowns.

Snape and Malfoy and rest of this iniquitous bunch have already marched off to their covert dungeon to plan their next attack. Potter informs his friends he wants to fight Voldemort on his own and pursue this menace. Hermione Granger battles this thought by saying he needs them and they should continue and behave as a team.

With a name like Snape, he could only be on the right side for so long. I would like to see his place in the previous films. Did he fight for Potter? Alan Rickman has been a villian in Robinhood as well, so this is nothing new to him. Hogwarts needs to recruit a security team.

Again, this redactive Potter film shows little musical introduction. The special affects were decent but nothing we have not seen before. I would have to say this may be one of the weaker Potter movies in this highly lucrative running series.

I allocate this film three stars.***

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Love You, Beth Cooper

This fool Paul Rust who plays Denis Cooverman gives the most awful High School Velectorian speech ever. It was in poor taste, it was elementary and in reality he probably would have been stopped after the first few ridiculous statements and awkward moments. Naming someone and speaking controversial about them in front of everyone is certainly a no no. He would humiliated himself but this is fiction. Only one the teachers spoke to him about his disgusting speech which was in poor taste afterwards. But this is pure fantasy.

Hayden Panettiere is the gorgeous Beth Cooper. She has come along way from Remember the Titans. Too bad the show Heroes is a copy of vampire movies and many others. It is no Lost.

Denis actually speaks to Beth after the speech as she takes her gown off and displays her plump figure. Which in this day and age since total thinness is what is usually shown on the screen in this era. Denis hastily invites Beth to his make believe party that night. It is unlikely for her to show but this is the plot of the movie.

The army man has the hot girl in this movie. Too bad he is willing to toss it all a way in this preposterous film. Beth's boyfriend is Sgt. Slaughter and he drives a hummer. Most ROTC folks in High School do not have the money to afford a hummer. This movie is total fantasy. But I guess they wanted to get rid of the typical football storyline. Whatever.

Beth and two cute girlfriends of her arrive at his home. Apparently, this High School does not have any designated graduation party for the students. When the three girls are about to leave this dead home, Beth's deranged boyfriend appears in his magnificent ride with two of his want a be special forces comrades. Denis totally made a fool of himself along with his friend at his home. They allowed the girls to find the strip of condoms Denis's father left for him. Bizaare.

Beth's boyfriend tracks her down at drives on Denis's lawn in complete violation of any decency standards. He is a bully who does not belong in anyone's military, perhaps Russia's. He is not a leader and an emotional idiot.

This buff dummy pursues Denis and gains entry. Why the police are not called is something Hollywood could answer. The five of them escape with the three terminators trying to run them down and tackle the car. Unbelievable. This only pushes the girls further away.

Jack Carpenter plays Rich Munsch. I know you never heard of him, Hayden is the only star in this movie. Rich says he is not gay but says some strange things that could be construed as gay. He denies this but it is borderline. Rich does end up walking with the two girls as they leave Beth and Denis alone. The movie is dull and void of any imagination. Until the three girls and two dorks drive drive off and see a parked car with Denis's parents getting out. Why they do this like they are 18 is beyond me. The chances of Denis seeing this is by far remote and why he admits to the people in the car who that is is fundamentally shocking. He should have just urged Beth to drive off or turn around.

The movie does mix in some music but the sound score is weak. I would not buy any of those songs. School is out for the summer has been used before. Dazed and Confused most notably and that movie blew this one out of the water.

What does Denis think is going to happen when he calls this punk out in front of everyone earlier in the day?

The five of them eventually end up at a party and the so called army joes meet up with them their. Beth steals her psychotic boyfriends car and breaks up the violence by crashing it into the living room serving as a dance floor. The football coach and/or top P/E teacher proves his disastrous role model leadership by allowing Beth's boyfriend to cream Denis. Some large fat boy defends Denis and fights off the attackers in a comical brawl. The lead army boy does display a solid round house kick though.

Denis proves his geekness time and time again. Rich demonstrates his cheerleading skills which impresses the two tag along friends. He finally kisses Beth at the end in this redundant storyline movie. Denis's speech, at the outset, appeared so fake I knew the movie was going to amount to nothing. It was a calamity and the plot was a black hole devouring any inkling of excitement.

I allocate this movie no stars.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The disgusting clown Sacha Baron Cohen is back in another bizaare comedy. This time the movie is called BrĂ¼no. He should have completed another Borat film. Since Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was far superior than this one.

I am not sure where Cohen evolves from if he has evolved. The gay scenes in this movie are beyond over the top. It is caricature of the gay lifestyle and existence. I am not sure they are offended or what. This movie is not worth $1 and I am surprised if it extends passed the first weekend of its opening. There are some pathetic folks out there who would pay for this film but not enough to be considered a success. This movie does not warrant an extensive blog since it is devoid of any deep thought.

Cohen is a nasty fellow. The plot is this: he is gay and he wants to become world famous. He does not have any talent to speak of and he is wacked out of his mind. He asks for advice but when talking to people he acts so bizaare it is ridiculous.

The scene when he took the small black child onto the day time talk show was hysterical. That was hysterical. I thought one of the audience members was going to slam him to the ground for his treatment of that child.

Later in the film, he realizes that it could be easier for him to become famous if he was not gay. But he still acted gay with the military, some hunters, martial arts expert, among some other scenes.

How did he gain permission to spend some time at OCS in the army? That is hard to believe the military accepted that request.

This movie was absolutely pointless but inane or devious comedy depending on what one's perspective is. This movie is like a sick jackass. He did become famous at the end or infamous. This pertains to what one's views on homosexuality. In a cage fighting event, being gay is not the image that is promoted nor tolerated in an event such as this. But this is the movie's zenith, and it was sort of unexpected until they stopped fighting. The TV, hunting, and military scenes were funny, I have to admit. But this is a far cry from Borat.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Public Enemies

I would not have known this was a Michael Mann movie if I did not see his movie listed on the advertisement. It is good to see a Johnny Depp in a movie that does not involve sail boats and talking skeletons. He plays the real life gangster John Dillinger. Hollywood has depicted every other outlaw in gangster lore, next up is this charismatic murdered. Atleast he was not glorified like Billy the Kidd was in Young Guns I or II. Mann portaryed Dillinger as the ruthless thug he was.

The movie begins with Dillinger and his psycho co-horts escaping from a desert prison. I do not understand why the tower guard did not get off more shots since he had the high ground and cover? Oh well. He does get one strike. Dillinger's brother dies in the escape and this gives Mann the chance to show the audience how odious Dillinger is. Dillinger blames this incident on one of the escapees and kicks him out of the movie vehicle after punching him a few times. This movie seemed to very fast moving. The dialogue was fast and the scenes were jumpy.

Dilinger and his badass brethren forced the US government to create a federal task force. This soon or immediately morphed into the FBI. Since Dillinger and his bank robbing buddies were jumping state lines. I do not blame them. Hard to believe the private sector is ahead of the government in ideas.

The hero is presented to us at this point. Here comes Batman's Christian Bale who happens to play Batman. Bale is busy these days but it still unnerving to me that Terminator Salvation was a halfway meltdown. I mean the ending had Arnold being the size of the Hulk, just stop it. This movie went over the top as well though with the Tommy Gun. They made this movie seem like it was three M-16's in one. The sound was terribly loud, it was an automatic weapon but it was not that ferocious.

Melvin Purvis is the Wyatt Earp of this film is Bale's part. I was impressed a little with Bale's accent change. He did sound of a midwesterner and concealed his English accent pretty good. Moving on, Purvis is granted wide ranging authority to pursue and perhaps shoot down Dillinger and his terrorizing bandits.

Dillinger is receiving his intel from Giovanni Ribisi's Alvin Karpis's character. Karpis meets him in public places and offers him information that could lead to a promising and clean get away. If there is a shipment of $100's of thousands of dollars, Karpis tips Dillinger off of this. Whether or not Dillinger acts on this information is up to him.

Purvis's men use their sharp investigative techniques and capture Dillinger. Dillinger is transfered to a prison in Indiana since it seems the powers at be believe Dillinger's captivity near Chicago would create a media frenzy. Well, in Indiana, Dillinger escapes with the help of his lawyer's arguing tactics and loyal friends. They bust him lose and Dillinger responds robbing another bank. This escapes allows further mayhem on the streets and allows for more innocent folks to be killed.

Dillinger falls in love and the movie is sidetracked with this. This lengthens the movie and waters it down. These scenes are boring and have been done in so many other movies. Totally unorginal, the ending occuring in mid stride. Purvis recruits further G-men as they are called and the hunt is on. The cat and mouse is somewhat interesting. Dillinger is excellent at escaping from prisons but he spends money as fast as it comes in and does not seem to want to take his cash down to Mexico and live comfortably ever after. How about Panama? Whatever. He remains in the same area living with his head on a swivel when he can not even relax and watch a movie without sensing some heat.

Purvis and his boys track Dillinger and his outlaws to a forest cabin after another brazen bank robbery. Purvis and his co workers run them down and shoot all of them it seems accept Dillinger. Dillinger is eventually gunned down in the street after leaving another theatre. He must have enjoyed movies as much as I do. Too bad Transformers II was not playing in the early 1930's.

The movie was hard to follow and at times as dry as a roasted chestnut.

Glad I did not pay for this film. Dillinger's girlfriend was nothing to go gaga over which is another indication of this movie being nothing to holler over. Bale's 2008 Dark Knight is still carrying him among many other spectacular movies. This is not one of them. Wolverine, Star Trek, are some of the high marks of the year.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Money Pit

This is the movie that should be viewed for all potential home buyers. It is an exagerrated movie on many fronts but it is funny and purposeful nevertheless. Tom Hanks stars in this movie with the highly annoying Shelley Long. She is annoying in this movie as she was in Cheers and from what I hear, she is that way in real life. Not a really personable, seemingly useless, and spoiled. Why men just obey her has always stumped me. For instance, she orders Hank's character, her pretty much fiancee Walter Fielding, Jr. to go get some water. Why can she not get the water?

Anna Crowley Beissart or Anna Fielding is her name in this hilarious movie. She is not funny at all but Hanks is hilarious. I forgot how funny he could be. He should do another comedy. But his dramas have proven to be blockbuster as he has made some of the best films of our day. Apollo 13 probably taking the cake for me.

This movie has a couple of other characters but they do not mean that much, certainly not now and probably not then.

Walter is a lawyer and Anna is, uhhh, a skinny blonde. She plays in an orchestra but this probably just pays for her gas and the violin. Walter and her have been living in her maestro's apartment while he has been on tour in Europe. Apparently, they did not find another place to live in a year and the maestro just barnstorms back into his home. He has the right to, that apartment is his. So Anna and Walter have about 4 days to find another place to live. Why they can not move into another apartment is beyond me, they act like it takes months to move into a place which is absurd. Perhaps a nice place that suits their tastes but their are a variety of options. Another thing is that it seems like they have not saved a dollar for this inevitability. Did they think they would be able to live for free forever? I guess Walter did not have any problem with sleeping in his girlfriend's former boyfriend's room and living in his home.

Walter contacts a real estate agent he knows and this real estate has just finished escaping some legal issues. This agent recommends a home for them. Walter and Anna drive out to this home and it is majestic. It appeals to Walter since it is $1 million home selling for $200 thousand. Walter obtains this money from a child superstar to purchase the home.

The home is one hour away from the city where both of them work. That is one issue but its apparent beauty defeats this long commute. Within one day of living in this home, things begin to fall apart on them. Walter and Anna did meat the homeowner, a single old woman who quietly only shows them the parts she wants them to see and they do not even ask to turn on the water and look around a little. A terrible inspection. The first day they move in, they realize the steps on the staircase are weakening, the plumbing is in shambles, and the mattress in the master bedroom is frighteningly warped. In fact, the master bed needs to be replaced.

The second day, the front door falls off its hinges. Within the first week, the house has a flood of leaks, the electrical system in the house does not work and actually is dangerous to be around. The staircase completely falls apart, and large sections of the house need completely new wood and carpentry work. These scenes show the pitfalls of buying a home without even conducting a cursury inspection. They do not even have a car, so they have to rely on the train. 9 hour days turn into 13 hour debacles.

Walter is a decent handy man but with a lazy female partner who is utterly useless, he is in over his head. He must pay the utility guys a bribe to even arrive at his home. This is a joke but whatever. He must get permits to get his plumbing fixed? Not real but it is a fantasy.

Walter laughs so hard when his floor falls through when trying to fill up the bathtub with water, it is hilarious. I have not seen a Hanks in a comedy in a while, his talent and charisma is sparkling. The funniest scene though is when Walter sinks into the the second floor and is trapped in his own rug. The rug is preventing him from falling 15 feet downward to the wooden floor. Anna can not even find him when she returns about 9 pm that night which only adds to their cluster mess. It is the highlight of these scene. The so called permit man walks away since Walter can not answer the door due to his house imposed entrapment.

To illustrate the impractical nature of Anna/Shelley, when they finally get the repairmen to come work on the myriad of issues with their home, she is dressed as if she is at a fancy concert. Strange men all over, in and out of her home, dust, dirt, her driveway has already been torn apart, her judgement is questionable at best. One would think she is atleast sweeping her room or helping the painters paint her home the colors her and Walter prefer. It is a funny though. No way all these people would be at the home simultaneously but the movie drives home the point it is trying to make.

This movie slipped through the cracks. I was growing up and this movie was not a must see when this movie was fresh on the scene. Seeing Shelley Long in Cheers, I am not sure too many other people wanted to see her on the silver screen as well. This movie was not that long, pretty simple, but entertaining. Devoid of spectacular performances, a world class plot, or any magnificent lines, it was not devastating either. The musical score was empty but whatever.

I give this movie two stars.**

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

Abigail Breslin plays Andromeda 'Anna' Fitzgerald who hires an ACLU attorney Campbell Alexander played by Alec Baldwin to unchain her from her mother's complete control. Her mother is Sara Fitzgerald played by Cameron Diaz. Diaz is obstinate and totally unyielding when she has made her mind up. This role she plays here is not unlike the role she played in the amazing and possibly best sports movie of all time-Any Given Sunday.

The situation is complicated. The Family issues runs deep. Anna hires a lawyer because is tired of being put under the knife to support her dying sister. Sofia Vassilieva plays
Kate Fitzgerald who is suffering from an array of issues. One of them is leukemia. Is Anna being selfish or just looking out for her own health?

Baldwin is vocal proponent of leftist policies despite evidence they are ruining entire nations and CA is about to callapse because of them, he is probably a member of the pedophilia protectionist group called the ACLU in actuality. In this movie, I actually agree with his side, in this particular case. He takes up this case when Anna strides into his office and explains her case to him. She pays him a little over a $100 so it is not entirely pro bono. But I am sure he relishes the spotlight.

Sara is beyond adament. In one scene she has to be physically manhandled by her husband Brian Fitzgerald whose role is consumed by Speed II's Jason Patric. Jason and the entire world are informing Sara that her daughter is dying and perhaps does not even want to experience another operation which will mostly be a waste of time. According to Brian, Kate has informed or insinuated to Sara that she does not want persist in this manner. Her quality of life has been depleted, she has not attended school regularly for a long for instance.

The movie is narrated by every major character in this movie. This add some substance and allows the viewer to gain a feel for every character's perspective. Another way to convey understanding.

I enjoyed the musical score. It was not extensive, but some hip hop and even Regina Spector had a song played in this movie. She is an outstanding musician. Regina's music is in commercials and now here on the silver screen. I am happy for her. She does not seem to be the egotistical human being that Madonna is.

Sara just does not get it. Campbell is only person who is trying to inform Sara that she is on the wrong track. The case goes to the courtroom where Sara is screamed at by her son Jesse Fitzgerald played by CSI Miami 's Evan Ellingson. This is the culmination of the movie but Sara still can not accept the fact that her daughter's body is being ravaged by this disease that medical science does not have an answer for. No one is saying, and I am not saying that a mother should not care for her dying daughter or sick daughter, but there comes a point where one needs to let go.

Anna's point, and Campbell's as well is that Anna is not being looked out for and these operations, including bone marrow, could be debilitating towards her as well. This movie is not that exciting but does sprout some interesing ideas. It is original unlike so many other movies made. Sara understand her sister's point of view but does not have the guts to inform her mother that she does not want to fight any more. She should not have to. Her mother is failing and does fail in detecting this not so subtle hints. I mean, Kate illustrates her frame of thought during a heightened and pivotal family meeting at the dinner table one night. Sara never asked Anna if she wanted to go through these operations and procedures for her daughter. That is wrong but Sara completely flops when she continues to drive down the same road when so many forces are explaining to her, including the doctor, in a variety of ways, that she will lose one of her children.

Anna's medical history seems to suggest she was conceived to be chopped liver for her sister. Sara supported Anna's lawsuit since Sara did not have the courage to fight with her mother. The movie did have a funny scene when Campbell, in the courtroom, told his dog to shut up and called him Judge since that was his name. The actual judge was alarmed and called him out on this. Apparently, this dog had to be with Campbell since this wonderful dog was a service dog, he barked when Campbell was on the verge of an epileptic attack.

Diaz performed well, as did every character. Baldwin seems content in Hollywood without taking on any leading roles. The movie was mainly entertaining. There were some dull scenes. It was not that sad since I knew the daughter was going to die from the outset.

I allocate this movie three stars.***