Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rest Stop: Don't Look Back

This movie did not have any major stars. Albeit it did have the prototypical young blond whose actions and ideosynchracies are so predictable. This movie is just a newer version, but just as ridiculous, as Wrong Turn, Hostile, and the Hills Have Eyes films of recent times. This movie was a little different since they tossed in some ghosts and illusions. There is so many ludicrous events, they would match the length of the movie. How a truck, in broad daylight, on flat ground, appears out of no where and smashes someone who has all his senses, is just one example of this movie's absurdity.

One funny part was this loser's facial expression when the deformed midget came out and gave him a popsicle. Weird.

It was not long which is good.

This movie is allocated one star. *

It was still better than Cage's Wicker Man, which would receive -1 star if I was typing and sustaining this blog at the time. That movie simply should have never been made. I hear the original was decent, I have never seen it.

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