Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This movie was riveting all the way to the end. The climax though, the ending, was a little weak, not the most exciting ending. But the lead and the scenes to the end were impressive. It was a winning movie, was it better than Vantage Point of this year? That is debatable. Vantage Point was unique in the way it was filmed, so perhaps that gets the nod. But the cast here is probably superior.

I have not seen Saïd Taghmaoui since Vantage Point but he had a more memorable role in Four Brothers when he was poring oil down Marky Mark's throat.

Apparently Guy Pearce returned from his two year mission. Just kidding, but I am not sure where he has been. And the presence of Don Cheadle is just a blessing. One of the best actors of our time, not much he can not do. He commands screen time. He had me fooled, this movie really made me think he was the villian that he appeared to be. Misguided or torn matters not, when people are dying because of one's work and actions, it does not matter how many please and thank yous the person uttered that day.

Neal McDonough was a fine supporting actor in this movie. Glad to see him do something rather than harrass The Rock in forgetful movies like Walking Tall. He was solid though in Flags of Our Fathers, but who was not in that movie?

Traitor did not have any super hot woman like Death Race's Natalie Martinez or anything but this movie was unique in it's multiple suicide bombers scenario. The USA has not faced this yet and I am really surprised. Thank God for the Patriot Act. We have not felt pain on our soil since 9-11, atleast from the jihadists. I knew he was putting them all on the same bus at the end though, sorry to spoil it for you.

The Siege was came to mind when watching this film, perhaps a little of The Kingdom. The Kingdom was superior, last year's blockbuster with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner because the ending was action packed and lived up to the hype. The ending in Traitor was not the highlight here but the story line. This movie did bounce around the world like a Bourne flick, I love that. But its culmination sucks the wind from the sails. The momentum fades quickly away.

It is good to see Jeff Daniels back. Wow, I thought Pearce took some time off. Jeff Daniels, his role in Dumb and Dumber will be cherished forever and he should be in the Hall of Fame just on that movie alone. He held is own with the iconic Jim Carrey. But Jeff Daniels had an impressive supporting part in Speed. So this type of movie was not foreign to him.

The FBI should have put a bug in Don Cheadle's character Samir Horn's body when they arrested him with the help of local police in the beginning of the film. I did not think Yemen would ever assist the west, let alone the FBI. I know it was a movie but the thought atleast counts. I thought Yemen was totally apathetic in the war on terrorism. Yemen has not been mentioned by Hollywood since Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones's movie Rules of Engagement and that was 8 years ago. I thought this movie was starting out some where in North Africa, but Yemen foot the bill just nicely.

This movie is worth seeing, not as much action as Death Race or the hit of Batman, but still solid nevertheless. This movie was better though than Death Race. In this climate, it will probably be around for three weeks. Certainly better than watching a cartoon Star Wars movie. Traitor blows The Longshots out of the water and is similiar to Babylon A.D. The latter's acting and cast was weaker but still tremendous throughout, the ending was just disappointing in both. Though Babylon's ending did not follow through on the villian's range of resources which is worse than Traitor's ending. Traitor's final action scene was just not that powerful but it was consistent with all the characters and plot.

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