Monday, August 16, 2010


This movie was absolutely spectacular. It was wonderful because DiCaprio did not hog the spotlight. This movie gave some serious scenes to some other solid actors. An absolute winner, this movie takes the cake, this movies does for dreams like The Matrix did for technology or computers.

The only downside is Ellen Page talking trash about Sarah Palin and other conservatives. If she continues to run her mouth like that, she will go the Jennifer Fox route and lose major roles.

As complex as this movie is, the characters are mesmerizing. The special effects are fascinating and the action is pulsating. I cannot choose one scene that should have been eliminated. If anything, they could have explained a little more about the paradox regarding the endless staircase. That movie brought up some concepts that are worth having an entire dialogue and college course over.

The wife of DiCaprio was not that amazing. I thought they could have had a different actress and when Arthur became that blond in the bar seen, her face looked like plastic.

The Last Samurai's star Japanese actor carried his own in this movie. He performed admirable.

The angles that this movie took regarding dreams, the aspect regarding the mind being a source of theft while you are dreaming is mind blowing. I have seen this movie twice and was able to soak up viewpoints I missed the first time around. This movie tosses much action and innovative ideas to the viewer, once is not enough. This movie is bigger than the world around us. An idea to contemplate, one minute in reality is several minutes in the dream. This formula compounds if one is in a dream within a dream, hence one night of dreaming could be decades in a dream world.

If I made my own world in a dream, unlike DiCaprio and his wife, I would have included more trees, streams, and mountains.

This movie is impeccable.

I allocate this movie five stars.*****