Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wow, I am not sure if Madonna will return to Guy Ritchie after this entertaining and creative movie but it is solid nevertheless. It it equal to Snatch. Yes, I did say that. In fact, I am not sure if Snatch had one hottie in that movie like this one did. I am not sure why this director took such a long time off but he came back with a smash. It was sort of hard to follow with all those English accents but there were a couple of American actors in the movie. The wacky hip hop star Ludacris actually said some things in the movie that made sense. Too bad his realistic self can not imitate a fictional character he portrays.

Gemma Arterton is absolutely stunning. An offshoot of Catherine Belle. It appears her character was killed at the end.

Movie held only about two slow scenes, any other scene which is missed could end up costing a viewer the full understanding of the movie. I am not sure who had the painting stolen from them, the billionaire Russian trying to move in on English soil or a powerful London crime lord? Hey, forgive me, I watched it online on my lap top since I am in South Korea.

The 300 stud was recognizable, Gerard Butler, whose movie name here is One Two plays a London criminal. There was a car theft scene which did not make allot of sense where the victims just allowed their car to be stolen, gave these thieves the keys after they were already inside. I would not have done that at all. This was the most cordial car theft ever and the most apathetic victim. It was only a minor inconvienence to him.

Tom Wilkinson performs well as usual playing the London vice lord, someone who knows the ins and outs of London's high profile public servants and officials. I still remember that horrifying movie The Exorcist of Emily Rose. That was the first movie I have ever scene him in, that movie was terrifying. He was tremendous in Michael Clayton as well. Though, why he sets himself like that or falls for that mugging on the golf course is beyond me. But, the Russians are not afraid to kill someone else on their own soil. Just see former spies who bad mouth Putin on English soil.

Wilkenson plays Lenny Cole who treats his step son like trash for no apparent reason. This sets up the plot and the ending. His step son turns out to have real talent but his thuggish step dad spells perpetual doom and revenge on himself for treating another human like this. Well, his prodigy rock star step son carries this grudge and seeks it. This movie has many characters and Guy Ritchie is starting to out Quentin Tarantino Tarantino. Tarantin has only made one solid movie, Pulp Fiction-which is incredible and skyrocketed about 4 careers which is magnificent in its own right. But Jackie Brown was sort of dull. Richie now has Snatch and RocknRolla to hang on his wall. And Lock,Stock, and Three Smokin Barrels was no slouch either.

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