Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Road

If one thought Children of Men was depressing and horrid, this is a movie to avoid like the plague. What is the point of this movie? It is just terrible, but still not as bad as Cage's Wicker Man. This is another apocalyptical movie but what happened to the world? I did not hear that explained but ofcourse I skipped about 15 minutes of this unentertaining movie because it was so slow.

Viggo Mortensen is the Man. He does not have a name accept papa. His Boy calls him that, played by some boy who could be a girl. Kodi Smit-McPhee is the Boy and he is just useless. He cannot even walk for part of the movie which is difficult to ponder. The Man shot a cannibal who somehow grabbed him while he was about 15 feet away from him but then the next scene he was only about 6 feet away from him. So the Man shot the cannibal and the bullet came close to the Boy's head. Scary for the Boy. OK, why does his legs not work after that?

Charlize Theron is the Woman and she has this Boy shortly after the world falls apart. The world falls apart because the earth is just trembling. Earthquakes are happening at a rapid rate, knocking down all of the trees and causing forest fires as well.

The Man and Boy are headed south. The Boy seems to have learned no survival skills at all despite growing up in this sick world.

The man dies at the end, the arrow stuck him in does not help. Lack of nutrition and disenfectant was probably the culprit. The Man is though, none of this seemed to rub off on the boy. But the boy seems to be adopted by a good family at the end. I hope the rebel canibals do not find them. The movie is about 85 minutes too long.

The Mom must have taken her own life, she does not want to face the chance of being captured alive and raped. Atleast she and the movie is realistic about this. To the dismay of her husband, she leaves the Man and her son and I am not sure what becomes of her. She may just take her own life since that is what 95% of the world population seems to have done. I am sure there are tribes in Africa and the Amazon and some Native Americans doing OK. But all the game died too, so that would impact as sure as the sun is bright. But this movie never showed us any sun.

This movie was stark. Void of any music but full of agony and misery. Glad I did not pay to see this decrepid work. I never even thought of laughing at any scene. Most of the movie takes place about 10 years after the main destruction started to occur. I can infer this by the age of the Boy.

I learned nothing from this movie. I took nothing from it either. It was absolutely pointless to see. I would never read the book. Kind of like The Matrix, The Matrix movies never explained why the Earth on the surface was blasted away.

I allocate this movie zero stars.