Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lakeview Terrace

This is a pretty wild movie with Samuel L. Jackson. Very similiar to Unlawful Entry with Kurt Russell. Jackson also has a relentless and twisted Robert De Niro Cape Fear syndrome which prevails in this movie.

The clever thing about this movie is Jackson is a police officer and targets his neighbor For some reason, he is friendly with one of his other neighbors who is Asian. Why he targets this man and woman, could be many reasons but none of it make it just, right, or moral.

I do feel sorry for him when he is punished deep into the movie for attempting to talk some sense into a loser who shot at him through his apartment's front door during a violent domestic dispute. When the severly misguided Internal Affairs or sociologoist totally discount all his years in law enforcement service. He has taken violent criminals off the street who would otherwise destroy this woman and/or her family. Funny, how these people do not realize this. This criminal said he had three broken ribs which is absurd and he shot at the police and almost killed Jackson. Jackson could have shot and killed this criminal outside his apartment and it would have been justified since he would not drop the shotgun and was acting irratic. In hindsite, shooting this fool would have been less a headache.

Jackson, was severly troubled by his wife and reacted violently if anyone brought her up. I am not sure why Patrick Wilson's, the actor, did not put down his weapon at the end of the movie. Did he not realize the police would not allow Jackson to shoot him while they were only about 30 feet behind him?

Kerry Washington was solid in this movie but she plays a controversial role. For being an over all good person, she betrays her husband in the movie by neglecting to take her birth control pills. She gets pregnant and ofcourse this infuriates her husband since they were planning on waiting. Why woman think this will bring their husband's closer to them behind scorching them with this news or why they do not think this violates trust or loyalty is strange?

Washington, who plays this liberal, obviously does not believe in corporal punishment since she hollers at Jackson for rightfully slapping his daughter when she just assails him in front of her. Washington is a fool since she believes a parent does not have the right to physically punish their children. Which is striking reason why kids in America are out of control and act ridiculous more and more. Children have little respect for authority any more and do not recognize. I guess Washington thinks parents should be buddies with their children rather than responsible adults.

Jackson is just a violent, rude, and terrible neighbor. He hires a drug dealer to vandalize Wilson's house while he has him over at a day time party. Nice guy. This drug dealer attacks his wife, Washington, which leads to the last few scenes. Jackson is twisted and does not believe in mixed marriages. Where were the other neighbor's in this movie? Who knows?

This was a dark thriller, some action, some decent lines. But unoriginal really and nothing memorable. Jackson made 187 years ago, kind of on the same plain. Nothing spectacular.

I allocate this movie two starts. **

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