Monday, September 8, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

Nicolas Cage carries this movie all by his lonesome. Another assissin movie, it is not unique and has been done several times now. I guess Hollywood has not thought they have glamorized this immoral, precarious, and perilous profession before. The lone rich man, with all of the cool gadgets, what about the hours of work and training it takes to reach this level of proficiency? Cage plays Joe which is a psuedonym ofcourse.

I think Cage should invest about a $1 million or whatever it takes to do something about that hair. What is the deal? It is as terrible as Trumps. The first time I saw it, a while ago, perhaps in his World Trade Center movie, which seemed like it would never end, I thought it was a fluke. And that was a dull movie. I never thought Cage would keep that hair style for this long.

Cage's The Rock, Con Air, and Face Off all devastate this movie.

Anyhow, this movie took place in world famous Thailand. A grown man's Disneyland is what I heard about it when I was in the US Navy. This movie did take us too some wonderful scenery.

Most Assassin movies take us around the world or atleast a few different places. The Matador in 2005 with Pierce Brosnan was much more creative than this flick, therefore superior. It did not have the action but Bangkok's action has been done before in so many other movies. This movie fails to explain anything about the characters, does being an assassin have a 401K plan? The theme that emphasizes a quick out for a livlihood like this has already been presented to us in the highly memorable and ever lasting Deniro and Pacino bombshell known as Heat.

The ending is odd. Why he chooses this route is strange and controversial. Apparently, the guilt and understanding that he will never have anyone close to him makes him not want to continue anymore.

Bangkok does have some attractive actresses in the movie but this movie, with the competition it faces, will last about 2 weeks in US theatres. Traitor is better and so is Death Race. This movie, because it does not go anywhere, can not rise to Babylon A.D.'s level either.

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