Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Longshots

This movie was pretty simple. One has probably seen it many times. This was a shortened version of many other sports movies. Even the championship game, the pop warner Super Bowl, had only four-five plays. Some decent music accompanied this movie but it was not Ice Cube songs that carried the day. One of the beats was actually reminiscent to last year's blockbuster The Bourne Ultimatum.

Ice Cube performed well. The ending is a surprise, not unlike Finding Forester. But one can win in other ways than just on the sports field. Football purists will enjoy some of the football scenes and strategy explained in the film.

I am not sure if a school teacher would date a bum but that is another story.

The movie had some family strife. It was a luke warm movie, not a heroic feat. It will probably last no more than 2 weeks in the theatre. Worth renting but that depends on what else is on the shelf. I would rather rent Any Given Sunday and watch it for the fourth time than sit this movie again. And Ice Cube is my top rapper.

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