Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thick as Thieves

Morgan Freeman stars in this cape thriller. This movie is nothing new, DeNiro had made his, so has Hackman, along with many other actors who have stared in heist movies. This is the latest version of a movie of this genre. Freeman is teamed up with Antonio Banderas who has also played in movies under this category. Like Female Fatale for example.

This movie has twist and turns, I am still not sure exactly what occured. One Russian oligarch is poised against another in New York and some parts/scenes occur in New Jersey. One of these powerful Russians is played by Marcel Lures people may remember as the villian in The Peacemaker. His nemesis is Rade Serbedzija who is actually Freeman's partner but the viewer does not know this until the end. This is just one of the twists.

Robert Forster is also in this movie. His most notable appearance was in Jackie Brown and I have not seen him practicially since then.

This movie seems to have multiple characters who are double crossed. The plot is Freeman is a profesional thief who seemingly works for one of these powerful Russian families. He recruits Banderas to steal these eggs that are stored in a high tech, guarded, and massive safe. These eggs are not known to exist to only but a few people. That aspect is sort of borrowed from the much better movie called War with Jason Statham and Jet Li.

Banderas is a police officer but we do not know this until the end as well. From Miami who was playing Freeman but this is only subterfuge. The safe attacking scenes were shown before in other movies, certainly from The Score. The Score was cool since they blew up the safe with water pressure. The Score, with DeNiro and Edward Norton, was another Hollywood heist movie which I was thinking about when I mentioned DeNiro's name before. This movie's ending was similiar in that one partner holds the other partner up with a gun and steals the prize possession. In regards to The Score, it was a sceptor that was the target, a gorgeous item. In the final scenes of this movie, the stolen artifacts are wooden eggs from Russia in 1917. That is right, wood, no intrinsic value, the value is symbolic. Apparently, these eggs helped lift some spirits in a period of disorder and starvation in Russia.

No one dies at the end, the music in intense and correlates with the scenes. The music is entertaining, the story line is mostly intriguing. I do not like it how the pretty girl-Radha Mitchell from Man on Fire instantly falls in love with Banderas. I guess it is that easy in the movies and when Freeman warns him to stay away from her, well, she comes to him and starts flirting with him over a newspaper. She does not waste a lot of time in this movie, unromantic, she is basically a freak reminiscent from the idea of dirty dancing.

I was waiting for someone to get $20 million since each egg was worth that much to these Russian organizations. But not $1 exchanged hands in this movie and it seemed everyone was happy accept the NYPD Lt. Forster who was obviously flustered. He was not able to arrest his man Freeman who seemingly slithered by him again. How was a Miami detective Banderas requested by Forster to beguile Freeman? Not sure. How did Freeman know Banderas was a police officer before they even met? Apparently Freeman pays better than Forster. Whatever, I do not believe corruption is that easy. Perhaps the common viewer does.

Mitchell, in one of the final scenes, scolds Banderas for assuming she does not drink alcohol. But in the beginning she informs she does not. Whatever.

The movie was entertaining. It had some cool and riveting music-which is highly important to me. It was mostly credible, it had a pretty girl and the villians were believable. There was some high tech merchandise showed in this movie and any movie that shows tools, I give a little more credence too. One too many twists though and some of the movie was Hollywood regurgitation.

I allocate this movie three stars.***

Madea Goes to Jail

Tyler Perry has made another comical movie. This movie is hilarious. But the ending is suspect and promotes the wrong message.

Derek Luke stars in this film and I have always liked him ever since Denzel Washington gave him a shot in the Antwone Fisher movie. I also enjoyed him in the recent Notorious film released despite having only a few scenes. I think he is funny, straight up.

Perry plays his usualy multiple parts. He has borrowed the Eddie Murphy idea or performance from Coming to America and made this a central idea in his movies. This is what his movies entail, him playing several roles.

Madea/Joe/Brian are the three roles that Perry consumes and handles with skill. The main character is Madea and she is just an out of control brute with an attitude to accompany this character. She drives without a license and has seemingly escapted jail for many years despite wreaking havoc on society. She is finally tossed in jail after destroying someone else's car in Super Kmart parking lot using a robust fork life. Yes, that woman was a snob but destroying her car was way over the top. She did not deserve this. Perhaps some ghetto folks would agree with this reaction. It is pretty unrealistic since the most likely consequence is her car would be keyed by the agitated citizen.

I have problems not with the acting and performances but with the message. I guess Perry is OK with someone laughing at the law, being selfish, and bullying her way through life. Her family still cares for her which is just ridiculous. One of the funniest lines and scenes in this movie is when Madea is tossed in jail for 5-10 years after the judge borrows this sentence from the time the bailiff gives him. In reality, Madea would have been knee deep in debt paying for all of the fines and fees levied against her. But this is fiction.

This movie occurs in the south as most of Perry's films. I would say this is Atlanta, supposedly the capital of the south. Nashville and Atlanta and perhaps Charlotte are competing for this recognition.

Familiar faces like Keshia Knight Pulliam and Vanessa Ferlito share roles in this film. The latter from the dull CSI New York whose had an obvious nose job completed.

Luke plays an assistant to the D.A. who uncovers a scam and crime committed by one of his co workers. This high rising lawyer is Ion Overman who just happens to be his pretty fiancee. She is upset that Luke befriends and old acquaintance-Keshia Knight Pulliam-who he allowed or did not help her from escaping a terrible event-a rape. Overman is upset that Luke takes her in and attempts to help her out. When Pulliam is arrested for her whatever, probably her illegal occupation in prostitution, Overman manipulates her paper work influencing the judges decision to grant her a greater sentence. Evil.

Luke uncovers this scam and denounces her on the wedding alter. This ripple affect destroys her credibility which compells the system to release an entire host of prisoners, including but not limited to, Madea. Which is just absurd. It is not simple and to me, the ending was shoddy. Why did Perry toss in this ending? Because he is black and black people generally distrust the justice system? Because he believes terrible people like Madea should running around detrimenting society? Whose society does she damage? It is mainly black dominated neighborhoods who put up with this violence and individualized anarchy. A Madea type person is not going to cause havoc in a white community. She would either be shot or harrassed so much by the local police, she would move. It would be a combination of both.

The music was decent. The writing was impressive and the movie was filled with hilarious events. But many of these same characters we have seen before and the ending, to me, was off base and unnessessary. Madea should not have been released. Only a fool would be happy with that outcome and prospect.

I allocate this movie two stars.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Friday the 13th

They make so many of these copy cat movies that the year 2009 is practically in the title. But in this one, atleast he can move. The stationary Jason, the days where he just walks around while his victims are in full sprint and he manages to corner them are over. He even kills someone in broad daylight with a bow and arrow. The Apache would be proud. Jason kills or maims another fleeing victim with an axe throw about 20 yards away. That was an impressive throw.

If there was a person like this or even two or more people going missing near this lake this entire area would be covered with dogs, helicopters, and search crews. Jason would be dug out, all of that equipment and tools would be taken away and sold.

This movie was not as good as the Holloween movie that arrived to theatres about 2 years ago. But even that movie was pushing the limits of human imagination.

This movie was like the previous twenty movies of this series, young people scewing each other and getting slashed in the process. The females were hot, fake chests or not, still gorgeous. They run around and it is never quite fast enough. One girl just allows herself to get hit by a boat that she can easily just avoid by swimming 4 feet to either side or swimming under it. Yes, it would be nerve racking but taking a speeding 1 ton boat to the head is not wise nor the correct option.

Jason is strong and big, he is a killer and a true predator but in reality he would be shot and hunted down after the first killing outbreak. No way there would ever be a second chance. Well, come to think about it, a Nanci Pilosi or the ACLU could release him on the basis of a technicality.

The movie had typical music, nothing worth mentioning was expected. Not one actor or actress is worth mentioning. Though a couple of the actresses are worth seeing again but none are that exquisite. The writing was regurgitated from the previous twenty scripts.

When the police officer was killed, not sure why they did not sneak out and drive away with his car. But I did not watch it that closely, I know they did save a girl that new some sort of secret regarding Jason, regarding his watch or some momento or picture. One two or three survived at the end but even after Jason is stabbed in the chest and his head is sliced up by a wood chipper, he still manages to jump from the water, knock out the pier with his might, and snatch one of them in broad daylight. The navy seals would find a spot for him for sure.

I allocate this movie 0 stars. I can not site one aspect that is good enough or merits a star.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I wish someone would give Jennifer Connelly her body back. But she is still gorgeous. This movie set her against Scarlett Johansson which could be any guys worst or best nightmare. This movie put the former's character into a position most guys would deem unnattractive. Her nagging probably forced her husband to smoke and I am sure if he did not smoke she would have found something else to tear into him about. Connelly plays Janine who is a neat freak and seems to be pretty controlling. Not spontaneous for interesting, not a fun person. This opens the door for her husband-Bradley Cooper-whose name is Ben to have a fling witht the gorgeous Anna played by Scarlett. Ofcourse he should not have done what he did, he should be a better communicator with his wife so it never led to this.

Regarding Ben and Janine, she apparently forced him to marry him by giving him an ultimatum. This is stupid since no one, well, not likely, for someone to force someone else to marry them. He should have known that anyone who issues an order like this is probably not someone he should be sharing a life with. I do not care how long they have been together. That was a strong sign of a clear and present danger, no pun in intended.

This movie, to me, is not that funny and entertaining. About half the scenes were watchable. This movie is not designed for me though. I enjoyed mostly because Scarlett was present.

Justin Long from the 4th Die Hard was here. The terrible actor in Ben Afflect was included in this film. And I do not think it was ironic he was paired with Jennifer Aniston who I and many other guys as well just can not stand. Why does she appear to be completely useless in every film? What can she do? Accept walk around with a tan? A fake tan at that.

The adorable Drew Barrymore was in this film. This movie is mainly about relationships. Most characters or all of them finish in a happy setting-accept Ben who is given divorce papers. He better run back to Anna and patch things up whose singing career is just on the first pedestal. What is funny is she blows up at him but she is OK with pursuing a married man. A little hypocrisy?

This movie has all star cast of a lot of twenty or thirty something actors and actresses that Hollywood has to offer. Only a few are worth paying to see and this movie was not that one. This movie is not really pitted against any one sex. The title is tilted in favor of males but only one female character in the movie, and there are many, has a character that falls under the title's meaning. All of the other females are either married, have boyfriends, and/or do not have any issues with attracting a date. The female that does not is just not that cute.

The soundtrack is nonexistent. The humor is few and far between. Connelly does not have the body she once had like in movies such as A Beautiful Mind. This opens doors with girls who have bodies and are not promoting the scrawny look like Scarlett.

I would allocate this movie two stars.**

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Meryl Streep plays an overbearing nun administrator in a Catholic Church in Boston. For some reason she sets her sights on Philip Seymour Hoffman who plays Father Brendan Flynn. Sister Aloysius Beauvier is the character of Streep and she is on a witchhunt for any type of thinking or teaching she deems foreign or unrelated to church thought and prayer. Unfortunately, her version is devoid of fun or any type of interesting educational practices.

Hoffman and Streep are at odd in this film. It is much more than the differences of sex, this has nothing to do with it. One is OK with change and the other wants to abide by some form of Catholic strictness that throughout time has only pushed people away. This movie takes place in 1964 on the dawn of this change, some good and some bad. But Streep's character is steadfast in her beliefs and is more like a robot than Arnold Schwartzenegger's terminator character in Terminator II.

This movie is not a blockbuster, it is more like a theatrical performance based on trust and disbelief. The movie has a slight gay component to it before gay people were widely accepted and still are not in a lot of the black community. Which I have no qualms about.

Hoffman and Streep share most of the load in this film as they tear each other too shreds. Both of them are seeking to end each others' careers. Is Hoffman guilty of these serious accusations? One does not really know throughout the film. One thing is for certain, Hoffman is hilarious and and has proven acting reserves. What can he not do? He is almost like a DeNiro, his range knows almost no bounds. Whether it is issueing nasty and severe threats to Tom Cruise in the superlative MI3 film or playing sloppy but entertaining basketball with Ben Stiller in Along Came Sally. Too bad that movie had Jennifer Aniston in it. Hoffman is entertaining but he is terrible at basketball. If that was acting he should have won an Oscar for such horrendous athletic ability. That was truly fiction, no one that horrible would ever step voluntarily on the basketball court.

I enjoyed the music because I am Catholic and this movie had some of the best music our church has too offer. This movie had some positives and negatives regarding the church. I am sure the Bill Maher's of the world will use this movie as fodder but these types of people are shallow and carry with them a lot of hate. Kind of like a Protestant I met once in Jinju.

This adaption of some of the few church misdeeds does not have anyone else worth mentioning. A couple of decent performances. This movie will probably not last more than one weekend in the theatres. I am not sure of the intention of this movie, what did the director and writer(s) have in mind? Are they trying to bring up terrible memories? Damage the church? Or just illustrate accusations can not all be proven and some good people can be brought down with fruitless allegations? Father Flynn is redeemed in this movie and his character does not lose his cloth, much to the dismay and disappointment to Streep's character. Rather, Father Flynn is promoted to a higher post.

The deep meaning that I took from this movie which has already been briefly mentioned in this posting is this: how many members of the church that are like Streep's character, completely dogmatic have nudged people away from the church? The Jerry Falwell's of the world do as much damage to the church, easily more than the Bill Mahers of the planet.

Streep is hard nosed and dead set at stripping the cloth from Hoffman and if it takes destroying a child to do so, this is a hindrance but her pursuit of her truth is more important and takes precedence. Streep does what it takes to ruin Father Flynn. But Father Flynn resigns under his own cognition to take a promotion at another school. Why play tit for tat with a authoratarian like this Sister when one can rise above that and take a school to new heights? He could prove his way and philosophy works on a broader scale than just sticking around the school with an old school sister like Streep's character.

This movie had two impressive characters but that is it. Only a few issues are explored here. The movie is deep but not worth ever watching more than once and I am not sure or am glad I did not have to pay to see it.

The interesting thing is the accuser here is someone within the church so this could bother and upset the Bill Maher's in our universe. And Streep's character breaks down at the end of the movie. It is hard to believe but at this time this is probably when just an accusation could thwart someone's career. The guilt on how painful her allegation is towards someone else forces her into tears at the end of this film. This is the final scene. Not a pleasant movie.

I allocate this movie three stars.***

The International

Clive Owen is another Blockbuster and it seems like he just makes these movies like I eat muffins. This English actor is now a star and he has earned his reputation and success with hard work and diligence. he stuck with his craft after several years of struggle and hard ship.

This latest spectacular film is similiar to a Bond film in that is moves across the world. Owen was the runner up to Daniel Craig to become the next Bond after the producers and owners of the Bond series felt audiences had seen enough of the cavalier and the yuppy look of Pierce Brosnan. They were right.

Owen plays Louis Salinger who works for Interpol. He has been working on this case for a couple of years. The IBFF, I believe this is the correct acronym, a powerful bank has taken a stranglehold on the money and weapons dealing throughout the world. Their tactics are not far away from altruistic but sinister. Money and greed, the two elements that have wreaked havoc throughout the ages. They want to own the debt of rogue nations all over the world. The hidden financiers of third world dictatorships. But their dealings affect all nations and the stability of them. They were dealing with the Syrians, Israelis, Russians, and Chinese. The IBFF is the principal backers of the RFF, a violent militia in a fictional African nation. Why would the IBFF back this organization when they do not have any money? So they can use this country and others like it for their own profitable motives.

The pretty Naomi Watts is in this movie and her running around brought haunting memories of the frightening movie, The Ring.

This movie goes to Berlin, Milan, NYC, and I believe Luxemberg, among a few other locations. Watts plays Eleanor Whitman who works in the DA office in NYC. She and Salinger are trying to track the movements of these banking members and their hitman and their financial capital transfers. Apparently, a bank in Manhatten is one of the center piece of the IBFF financial backbone. The base root, their links extend from here. IBFF has bribed key officials in Europe to look the other way and to cover up high crimes. In fact, they bribed and controlled a high police official in Europe and had him damage and corrupt a crime scene after a high ranking politician was assassinated.

It is interesting to me because Salinger, much to the dismay of the left, has to go out of the box to get to the bottom of this case. If he just followed the rules, like he has been doing, good people would end up getting killed and the villians who do not follow any rules would continue their lucrative mayhem and misdeeds. Salinger must borrow a play book from 24's All Star character and main plotline's Jack Bauer. And this is the last we see of Watt's Whitman. Following the army field manual's rules only hamstring's the good guys and is easily thwarted by evil agents. And for the left to cry that it is immoral to break any rules, they seem to look the other way when one of their heroes Che Guevera practiced the same tactics. And I never saw the left speak about morality when they attacked and dug up everything about Sarah Palin.

But I guess the left could be happy since the big bad bankers are the villians. But it must be totally fiction because the bankers in this movie are actually intelligent unlike real life. Too bad they are devious and promote and enable violence.

This movie does not have any recognizable music but the musical score reflects the suspense and action scene in this movie. This movie does not have any of the expensive action scenes shown in a Bond film. But there is an incredible shoot out in the Guggenheim in NYC where scores of villians are killed but millions of dollars of damage is sustained and even more brutal is the death of a NYC detective. This surveillance just blows up in their face. They are caught in a maelstrom.

When Salinger's partner is killed in the beginning, it is the cigarette. The movie never states this, this is just my belief.

The movie is well written, it is a spectacular movie. Worth watching, probably the best this year thus far in 2009. Something to keep us busy until T&T hit the scene. Terminator and Transformers is what I am talking about. This movie is as good as Inside Man, probably better, and as good as Quantom Solace.

I would allocate this movie four stars.****

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Bloody Valentine

Hollywood has made a horror movie for every holiday even ones that are not really holidays. Valentine's day is a commercial success for the chocolate and Hallmart card industries and company, respectively. But it is founded on frivlous and secular roots that has every female on the planet expecting some sort of gift. Funny thing is, this movie does not show a lot of chocolate or sweet gifts. Only gift card was shown

The movie is about a small town called Rockwell that lost 22 people from a psychotic minor who killed a lot of people. His MO is simple, use a pickax and clobber people with it. He conceals himself with a breathing apparatus which makes him even more frightening. I did not watch it that closely, it was not worth my time. This movie does not have on actress worth mentioning or discussing. The acting is weak and writing in proportion.

The movie is not scary and but there is some decent music, like when the is in the news reporter is reporting the latest kills and history of the town in the beginning. What happened 10 years prior is the story's backdrop. The story occurs in present day and many of the kills are down in the mine. But the killer attacks people in their homes and in grocery stores. He enjoys the fresh air apparently. The characters bicker about the past, it rarely is enticing though. Not one character is worth adoring or following through completely.

The killer ends up being a guy no one would suspect and not even a miner. And why he enjoys killing people so much is pretty incredible. Another ridiculous aspect in this film is that no one is carrying a gun even though people are dropping like flies and the town is def con eleven. Woman are still walking around alone and chit chatting like everything is OK. It is a typical horror movie in that naked woman are shown similiar to the old 1980's Holloween films. It is not even the best horror movie of this month.

This movie is allocated one star.*

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This creative movie was entertaining. I do not think it was as good as Jumper of 2008 but it was it was an entire franchise better than Twilight. Djimon Hounsou from Amistad and Blood Diamond stars in this movie. He plays the quintessential US Federal Agent hunting this object. He has special powers, this eyes darken and he has the the ability to take other people's lives. No joke.

This movie is a fantastical movie. Dakota Fanning is almost all grown up now, she was in the block buster movie Man On Fire with the superstar Denzel.

Neil Jackson is Hounsou's partner who has a tragic ending in this film. But he takes out a lot of people as well. The movie is called Push but it is kind of a copy of Heroes and last year's Jumper. Unique like Jumper but many people have different powers like Heroes. I do not care for Heroes since that is a smorgasbord of so many other shows and movies and Push copies that. So, if it is possible, it is unique but a replica simultaneously. If this is possible

Jackson has the ability to block bullets and like Darth Vader, fling people and objects around rooms. He has tremendous ability, much like the mutants in the X-Men movies. Another movie this has borrowed ideas from.

This movies takes place in Hong Kong. The Chinese mafia seem to get tangled up in this movie and that adds another element. But it seems they are only around to get tossed around and die. But they have some mutants on their payroll. They have a gorgeous girl whose character has been done many times by other Chinese actresses. She has the ability to track people down using various techniques. That is cool. But they have some guys who can scream real loud, enough to blow up someone's ear drums and break stuff down. This is just ridiculous. This is also a copy of a mutant which I believe is called Scream. A pretty simple idea, nothing creative or deep about this character.

The movie did not have any special music. The acting was average and the writing was basic. Some cool action scenes when one of the main characters, Chris Evans from last year's hit Street Kings, controlled some guns and manipulating them high above the room and they snuck down and pointed at Jackson and Hounsou's heads, respectively. This is something that the powerful mutant Magneto would and could do in his sleep. But this movie is supposed to be a little more realistic. To bad it pails in comparison with any of the three X Men movies.

Not a lot of humor, this was completely inspirationless. Not totally unappealing, but just a space filler before the Terminators and Transformers are given to us this summer. I can not wait. I would not recomend this movie, perhaps on a hot Arizona like day and there is nothing else to do but dodge large insects and scorpions.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Unborn

Odette Yustman is highly attractive and she proved this in Cloverfield. Why they did not give her more screen time is beyond me. I am waiting for the sequel.

But she is not Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Gary Oldman supports this movie as a rabbi.

Madonna may like this movie since it speaks about Jewish mysticism. Kabbala is mentioned as well.

The movie involves a demon known as a dybbuk. This demon predates time, it must be just inherent evil. This demon was given outlet when the nazis were supposedly experimenting with twins. This demon has an affinity with mirrors and therefore twins. The dybbuk is not always evil but in this case it is.

This adaptation shows a violent spirit that has evil intentions from the outset. I am not sure what this evil was doing before mankind but I am pretty sure this spirit had a party when Eve accepted he apple from the snake/devil.

Odette is gorgeous and from America as far as I know. Why her name is Odette is beyond me. She is stunning in real life but this movie does not show really how beautiful she is. She has some wicked and bright eyes in this movie.

This movie's first half was terrible. It jumped around, the sequence was correct but the flow was turbulent and rough. Some scenes did not connect well with the previous ones.

Odette's character is being haunted by the dybbuk. But this does not stop her from jogging alone down a cold path. She does visit her grandmother who finally gives her some solid advice on how to combat this entity. Her father appears in the movie but then is not shown again for quite some time. And that is just strange. Where is he at when this entity is targeting his daughter like a heat seeking missile?

Odette locates Gary because he is pointed out by her grandmother. Gary rebuffs her at first because she does not believe. But Gary changes her mind when the dybbuk visits him. That is worst mistake of this dimensional being. Asinine, a strategic mistake. This scent should have just continued to target her since it seemed her father was just going through his life just as ignorant as possible. Her friends were easy pluckings. And this entity was using this neighbor's boy's body at will to carry out his message. But when this strange dog challenges Gary's character, a Rabbi, he knows this girl was not joking and requires help.

The Rabbi agrees to perform the exorcism and they choose to do it in an abandoned building. I did not hear the explanation for this choice. I guess the Rabbi knew stuff was going to get wrecked, so it may be worthless and and unwanted objects. Ten people were there for the exorcism, including Odette's boyfriend-Cam Gigandet. This tough guy played the villian and jerk in last year's Never Back Down. It was cool and refreshing to see him get his ass kicked at the end of that picture.

The last 15 minutes of this movie is action packed and thrilling. The dybbuk kills about half the people involved in the exorcist which is just totally fiction. It is a movie. No way, something could harness and possess this sort of physical power. It is loud and obnoxious. A strong, knowledgeable priest with a proud and matching guardian angel is beaten down and easily consumed by the fury of this dybbuk. I do not think so, but Hollywood does. Cam is killed at the end of this film when Odette and Oldman's Rabbi lay their faith into the dybbuk. Which is just awkward since they just look odd together and her shallow and benign character never shows the strength to battle such an entity. She is not a church goer. Her life is some attending some classes, jogging, being rich, and looking hot. Easy pickings. This is what makes this movie straightforward and childlike.

The movie sent Odette messages about something wanting to be born. It is revealed at the end that she has twins coming. So I guess they set it up for a part two? To bad Cam never knew. Ofcourse neither were or are ready for children, especially twins.

The dybbuk killed her grandmother in a gruesome way. Pretty wicked night time scene. But, flaws abound. How anyone in that busy old folks home is not awakened is ridiculous. Where was security or an orderly?

The movie had impressive music and it flowed with the graphics and acting. But the characters do some typical stupid things that is any average horror movie. The movie was well casted and I did learn some things. To me, that is important. Since I would be asking questions as well and it shows someone who was writing the movie actually put some thought into it. In addition, I like to learn something from a movie. Unlike Die Hard IV, this movie's second half is more impressive than the first half. Odette is attractive, Oldman is a fine actor. I still think of him as a villian though, he does a good job at that. I think his character in The Professional has a dybbuk in him. He was a filthy detective in that screen play.

Unborn tries to out do The Exorcist though. The problem with this is that that movie had incredible writing, began in Africa and then comes here, to the US. Unborn has the twisting body parts and even tosses a dog with a mask in there. Scary, creative, but nothing on The exorcist. The latter had psychiatry, science, geography, and religion and tied in. And, not to mention, a stubborn and secular mother.

The Unborn was twice as good as The Uninvited though even if the stars do not indicate this. I would not sit through it again. No humor really, typical adolescent horror movie for the most part. Sophistication only comes in the end with a couple of lines and reasoning.

I allocate this movie two stars.*

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Uninvited

I did not place too much emphasis on this movie. I did not watch this movie that closely. It does not deserve that type of attention. I have seen this movie in about 6 other horror movies. But Emily Browning is worth looking at. She is a cutey, no doubt. She will be beautiful soon enough.

Elizabeth Banks is also in this movie. She is average looking and plays the villian in this movie. Banks plays Rachel

David Strathairn is in this movie. He played the hard nosed but sloppy CIA team supervisor in The Bourne Ultimatum.

Browning is someone who has had a mental condition and her dreams are the main reason. So she is not perfect either.

Banks is someone who is trying to marry Browning's father. Browning has a skinny sister in this movie who concurs with Browning that Banks has devilish intentions. Banks is also someone who has hidden and lied about her past. All to build trust with the father, who she wants to marry.

There is a necklace in this movie that has some significance. Apparently, Browning's mother was murdered by Banks. This necklace was stolen by Browning. Banks is a killer and is not afraid to kill again. Despite the cuteness of Browning, this movie is not worth watching. The scary music does coincide with the appropriate scenes. The movie begins with a stereotypical high school party. The movie has a couple of frightening scenes. The acting is ho hum and the title is even similiar to another horror movie that has just been released. So it seems Hollywood is copying from itself again, ala Deep Impact and the superior version of Armegeddon.

The toss in a little 6th Sense in the end. Browning's sister is never actually alive, she has been dead throughout. And Browning is the villian, not Banks. Browning is evil but certainly adorable. They do a 360 at the end.

I allocate this movie one star.*