Friday, September 5, 2008

Disaster Movie

This movie was funny. I am not sure if spoofs like this are getting old, they do make fun of other movies and most of those movies deserve this.

It is about time Hollywood tosses in Kimberly Kardashian who is one of the hottest on the planet. Not sure why she was not the one who lasted throughout the film. With females like this on this planet along with others like Natalie Martinez and Eliza Dushku, it is a mystery of mankind how Kirsten Dunst gains roles.

Disaster Movie ripped on 12000 BC which should have torn into since it was over hyped and just slaughtered history. But Cloverfield was solid and so was Boewolf and this movie laid into them. All in good taste. The Alvin in the Chipmunks scene was hilarious.

There is another spoof movie coming forward soon into the spotlight that rips into Michael Moore and his nonsense he peddles. Ofcourse it is not take too much creative talent to find ways to criticize Michael Moore. That movie is highly anticipated. The left has many points they are vulnerable at.

Disaster was not a long movie and there was not any wasted scenes. It was one nasty or creative compenent after the next. They went after the hulk which made sense since the latest hulk incarnation was horrendous. Although Iron Man and Batman were outstanding. Disaster poked fun at Hellboy as well, in a quick scene. Hellboy II was nothing special.

The Crystal Skull from Indiana Jones was the central theme of this movie. There were many side characters in this movie with recognizeable faces. Crystal was decent but nothing special. Disaster Movie has many attractive actresses and they really tear into Juno. She uses allot of words like Dennis Miller but unlike Miller, she is just overly loquacious and uninteresting. Superbad is highlighted in this film, along with Cloverfield which is also one of the dominant focal points of Disaster. I liked both of those projects.

Thus far, Pineapple Express is the funniest movie of this year to me.

Does Disaster Movie top Scary Movie 4? It is hard to say, I am more of a drama or thriller type fan. Flip a coin, both are full of inane comedy but I would rather see this than a ridiculous movie like 12000 BC which was not historically accurate at all. For one, slaves did not build the pyramids and anyone who spreads this fallacious account of history does not deserve anyone's money or respect.

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