Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, Oliver Stone is at it again. This movie depicts Bush's life. I am not sure how many people want to see a movie about this fellow, but that is not my concern. I would like to speak to Bill Clinton slightly more than Bush to ask him questions like: why did you not defend this country when Al Quaida was blowing us up all over the world? Did you think the community reinvestment act would lead to a housing crunch about 10 years later? Why did you throw your decrepid reputation down the drain further over a chunky girl when it could have been a hottie?

Josh Brolin plays George W. Bush. He performs as a looney tune character as most of this massive cast. Does W in real life call his dad "poppy?" I am not sure but that is funny. Stone totally played with history and facts in JFK, much like Dan Brown does with his novels.

Bush is a dead president and he did this to himself much like Clinton. I am not sure if Bush is a conservative, he just makes strange decisions, can not market ideas like social security reform when he is clearly on the right path, and seems to neglect his base. So why would Stone make this movie? The real W does not give a rat's ass about this movie or Stone's opinions or intentions.

Richard Dreyfuss is an outstanding Cheney, one of the few credible characters in this movie who does not seem to be purposely making a mockery of the person they are supposedly portraying. Elizabeth Banks is not a real Laura Bush, it is more of a mockery on her character, on how childlike she is in the movie. Brolin, from Stone's direction, makes W seems just totally Paris Hilton like. Perhaps at some point he was, but he squared himself away sometime before he became governor of Texas. So, yes, this movie is a slap at W but it will not influence history, will not bring back Stone's buddy Saddam Hussein, and not offer more defense options for Oliver Stone's precious criminals and Guantanomo Bay terrorists who believes should be allowed to walk free to rape and attack humanity.

Michael Gaston, who I never heard of, at the behest of Stone, and some costume director, looks like he is playing Gen. Tommy Franks for holloween.

This movie is a farce. Even the people who loath Bush, are they really going to sit through this?

Clinton beat Bush the elder in 1991 because Bush was tired. Bush was VP, CIA director, he was wore out. Probably should not even have run in the first place. But that is history. Clinton was a moderate, whereas his wife and Obama are further to the left, especially the latter.

James Cromwell has been in so many movies it is hard to believe I do not know his name. From The General's Daughter to Minority Report and even a terrible villian in the hit TV show 24, he performed admirably again. That has something to do with why casting directors still ring him for role after role.

People who disagree with the Iraq war fail to comprehend the alternative would have been to baby sit him while we patrol and enforce the historic north and south no fly zones in Iraq. This would have went on for decades, atleast Saddam's life time which would have went to about 2025. Fidel Castro is still hanging around. Saddam's sons were worse than him, while they torture people every day with Saddam's approval and encouragement. Saddam was doing his best to aid our enemies, support the Hamas and their suicide bombers in Isreal and Lebanon.

This movie has pretty good music, but the reason Stone tossed certain songs in there I do not think were chosen for altruistic purposes. Stone falls into the Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen camp, more French like, not proud Americans. Socialism and big government are their true causes.

Our current president did not realize or have a plan to how to handle the situation when the Iraq troops stopped fighting and our enemies chose to fight without a unfiform. Though it is settling down, the guerrilla war took many years and damaged the Bush presidency.

People ask where are the WMD's? Go ask the Kurds. Saddam used the chemical weapons on them in the late 1980's and the Iranians as well. So only the ignorant raise this argument. They could be in Syria now or buried in the desert or Iraq used them all up in the conflicts I just mentioned.

Scott Glenn as Donald Rumsfeld performed well as he always does. Rumsfield's troop realignment plan was strategically sensical. I am not sure where it stands now. Why are we still in Germany? When did WWII end again? They want us in Poland and the Ukraine. Ofcourse the Germans like our money as well.

This movie just basically centers around the Iraq conflict and war. There was more to the Bush presidency than this.

I allocate this movie one star.* It was not humorous for the most part, I did not learn anything, and there was not any action. It was just a slightly appealing but overall frivlous documentary.

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