Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eagle Eye

Shia LaBeouf is back another blockbuster. Is it on the same level as Transformers, no, but it does supercede Will Smith's Enemy of the State. The latter is extremely similiar to this film. The anti Catholic and slaughterer of history Dan Brown may have some issues with this movie since the Artificial Intelligence portrayed in this movie resembles his AI in his book Digital Fortress. I just happen to read that book about 6 months ago and that ending in that book was typical and anti-military but that is another story.

Eagle Eye was riveting and the beginning was tremendous. As astonishing and exciting as the initial Ethiopia scenes in the movie Shooter with Mark Walhberg.

Rosario Dawson performs well and is in a better written movie than the garbage movie Men in Black II.

The stud and bad ass from the hit show The Shield prevails in this film as well, Michael Chiklis is outstanding. He plays the NSA top man who does not seem to be too content at the end when the AI computer present's her plan to him. Why her, it was a female voice througout. Remote controlled drones were in this movie, intense chase scenes, and large scale machines that were set up and manipulated to smash cars and other objects were instilled throughout this film. This movie was funny in the beginning, Shia is a solid actor. The card game in the beginning was hilarious, Shia just outsmarting and outwitting his fellow companions. Is he another DiCaprio? Who knows? He seems to have been drawn to the action packed movies allot quicker or sooner in his career. DiCaprio took the less popular films but those involved more skill to act those parts. What's Eating Gilbert Grape and the Basketball Diaries to name a few.

Billy Bob Thornton performed as usual, him and Shia getting on the same page towards the end and Thornton taking on the reaper towards the end. Thornton is a solid actor, he was hilarious in the movie Mr. Woodcock.

Anthony Mackie held his own, fighting the AI machine at the end. He was strong in We Are Marshall as well.

Eagle Eye's plot consisted of two people, and some others holding minor roles, working together to accomplish a mission. We are not sure who is ordering them around, it is a female voice. The movie I Robot had an AI like this who caused allot of problems as well ofcourse that movie, the world was at stake, this movie, just the heads of state. But the implications are massive nevertheless. Interesting, Shia was in that movie as well. Eagle Eye's viewers are not told who is ordered the characters around until the half way point. We scripted, the investigators also find out, or atleast Dawson's character does about the same time. No one knows why these things have occured. Or what will occur.

Michelle Monaghan is also in the high stakes movie. She was in Mission Impossible III, just as exciting and heart pounding. But MI3 had a human antagonist, this one does not. MI3 was probably better since it was a little more original. Eagle Eye borrowed large parts from I Robot and a book I have already given mention to.

But MI3 had complicated plans and schemes the characters developed in a span of a few hours which is just too ridiculous to contemplate. Michelle had a more central role in Eye compared to MI3 though.

Sonic triggers, exploding crystals, some impressive theoretical ideas or real ones? Not sure, but the dialogue is intriguing. The slow parts are character builders ofcourse and entertaining and necessary. No wasted scenes, the music is intense and flows with the spectacular scenes.

Is it better than I Robot? No, I can not say that. I Robot was much more original and went deeper in its robot/human novelties. It caused one to think a little more. But Eagle is solid, as good as Shooter, perhaps a little above that. One of the better action movies of this year. We will see the new James Bond can whip this. Since this movie is probably as exciting as Casino Royale though that movie had better looking females.

Eagle Eye is allocated three stars. ***

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