Friday, October 24, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe

The title is almost unpronouncable. The movie is simple, taking place along the gorgeous Carolina coast. It is a love story, not my time. There fore this blog will be short. My type of love story is the Terminator, where something actually happens.

Diane Lane is teamed up again with Richard Gere, but this movie was not as dramatic nor was it supposed to be as Unfaithful. Untraceable earlier this year was pretty good though, creative but sickening.

Gere plays a doctor who lost a patient to freak accident and wants to set things straight with the dead patient's husband. Scott Glen plays the husband and works that accent exceptionally, his Carolina accent is impressive. Richard Gere's character is also having family problems, like Diane Lane's. So what happens is just predictable.

Gere wants to set things straight with the husband and the cute little coastal inn that Lane is babysitting for just happens to be in the area. Gere is staying at this inn, without Internet, which to me is just preposterous. Gere does have home cooked meals from Lane who seems to have nothing else to do but to get hollered at by her daughter, argue with her husband or ex husband, and make the inn nice and tidy. Apparently, she used to be a an artist. Now she has a so called family crisis.

Regarding Gere, I am not sure how a wealthy and successful Doctor can be in such personal agony? I think he should take a trip to Africa or China or so many other parts of this world to realize how good he has it. So the few people, mainly woman, who are caught up in this so called personal tragedy are actually narrow minded and shallow. Gere's problems pail in comparison to people who are losing their jobs and/or homes in the USA and so many others. Gere's character has the basics covered, forever, there is not any other issues to me. The movie is a farce, made for wimpering folks.

I can not offer it up any stars really, what would I compare it to? Other baseless movies? The writing was OK. Christopher Meloni from SVU wanted to get away from that show for a day so he took part. He is a fine actor.

James Franco also was in a supporting position and ironically, this movie was still better than Spiderman 2 and 3 combined.

The movie is terribly boring. When they are tossing away all of the food and acting like sport's stars, they were bonding, but what was the viewer supposed to do? Be amused? That scene was ridicuously corny. Oh well, I did not pay for it.

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