Friday, October 24, 2008

Burn After Reading

George Clooney was funny in this movie, this movie was goofy. Was it Pineapple Express? Hardly, perhaps for older folks. Pineapple Express was the comedy movie of the year, beating Adam Sandler's and Ben Stiller's comdies this year, among many others. But this movie was funny, and there are several hysterical scenes. Glad Clooney did something to cover up the disappointing Leatherheads. But in this one, he needed massive help.

Even the CIA agents in the comfortable and secure office are funny but unbeknowst to themselves. Ofcourse, in reality, and intentionally, they are quite amusing to the viewer.

It was refreshing to see Brad Pitt in a role like this because he can do it. He can play the geeky and innocent type role. But his innocense ended when he tried to sell some secret CIA notes and information back to the originator of this work. John Malkovich plays an ex CIA agent who seemingly lost this sensitive information in a workout facility Pitt and the unappealing Frances McDormand work at. She wants to profit off of this information any way possible to pay for her liposuction fantasies that her HMO will not cover. The funny aspect is she thinks they should pay for it. Their act is a felony and they, surely Pitt's character, get over their head. Who do they think they are messing with? They are not made for this clandenstine work. But apparently they are too greedy and avarice to realize it. Which makes the movie go. It is still sort of confusing how Malcovich's secret CIA information ended up so the janitor or anyone could find it on the floor at their gym.

Malkovich's character is fired from his CIA post but relays it to his wife that he quit. Tilda Swinton from the Narnia movies plays Malkovich's wife. She is upset since she believes he is just trying to use her for her income and benefits. As a result, she files for divorce and they fight and jab at each other from then on out. This movie has more than one subplot which all sort of merge at the end.

Tilda was and is also having an ongoing affair with Clooney. Tilda and Malcovich seemingly just spend time at their sailboat and home just to avoid each other. In Tilda's case, it is to carry on her affair.

Seeing Clooney and Malkovich in the same scenes and movie is pretty cool.

Clooney becomes paranoid towards the end thinking people are following him. Though after anyone takes a life, that could induce some rapid characteristical changes.

Malkovich's moron insults to his not so close wife's supervisor is funny at the end. Richard Jenkins is the actor. He is attracted to this employee, Richard Jenkins plays the gym manager who has a horrible ending in broad daylight.

I allocate this movie four out of five stars, for its wit and humor, creativity. ****

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