Friday, October 17, 2008


Jennifer Carpenter returns in this live footage film. She is not that attractive and she gains the most gruesome roles. I will forget her as her powerful role in the frightening movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Jay Hernandez has also been in some nasty movies. But Hostile was so ridiculous to be taken serious. This movie he is a fireman whose name is Jake. Jennifer is a new reporter named Angela. I did not recognize any other actors but that could be because the movie was dark. The movie is filmed like Cloverfield, there is an opening for a sequel. But this movie is a copy of 28 days later but slightly more realistic since the bite victims do not turn into pysycho savages in seconds, it takes several minutes in this nutcase film.

Cloverfield was more original and was blanketed with gorgeous females.

Quarantine has been done so many times, I would not pay for it. It is not intended to be a blockbuster and is surly not going to reach Blairwitch numbers.

The plot consists for a fire crew responding a distress call from an apartment building some where in LA. A reporting team from a small show just happens to be tagging along. The first ten minutes of this is almost unwatchable with Angela flirting with the firemen and acting totally ignorant. Everything she is told, anyone with half a clue already knows about who is older than 16. After arriving to this building and seeing this nutcase older woman attack one of the police officers who arrives as well, they can not exit the building. The doors are somehow sealed shut and the police officer later turns into a violent savage. The biological entity that creates this is some sort of steriod or hybrid form of rabies. There happens to be a veterinarian in the apartment building who does explain to the viewer that rabies does not have a known cure. OK, so I learned one thing in this movie. This movie is just another form of Cujo but even more ridiculous as Stephen King's tale.

The movie does not have a pleasant ending. Apparently some wacko on the top floor, I believe the 4th, was hiding an infected human for a while. He must have been bit by a dog that was confiscated by an animal laboratory. So that storyline was a copy of the first 3 minutes of a much better film 28 Days Later.

The sequel to Cloverfield would be interesting.

This movie is allocated one star. *

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