Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Best Friend's Girl

Dane Cook is funny, but I am not sure is one of the studliest dudes around. But somehow, he was handed this role. He probably auditioned for it, and he worked hard to obtain it. That is fine. But I think it was more for his comedic skills and communicational gifts, not his physical appearance. I am not gay or anything, but playing this role alongside Kate Hudson, a step down from Matthew McConaughey. But the latter is not as funny as Cook. Oh well, no one, including myself, is not perfect.

Jason Biggs plays the recurring role, the good guy, the average dude, whatever. Kate Hudson, I guess she trades off with Drew Berrymore, with 1-2 romantic comedies every year. Hudson, apparently, this is all she wants to do which is already more than anything her unnappealing mother ever did. Not sure what Kurt Russel ever saw in her-Goldie Hawn.

This movie was funny, and the liberal nutcase Alec Baldwin plays an amazing dirtbag father.

Dane Cook has some hilarious scenes at his work. He plays a cubicle customer service representative who is totally indifferent to customers. Unix is the product he protects or works for and his number one role, evidently he made management, is to never offer a refund. This is their top priority in the office and he loves to stare at the new girl with his black buddy, who is funny in his own right, as she walks by. The new co worker is trying to get noticed since she wears tight pants every day.

Dane Cook plays a jerk for hire to make other guys look good to ex girl friends. The plot may be narrowly original. Allot of attractive females are in the movie, more attractive than the skinny Kate Hudson.

This movie is about 1/10 Pineapple Express and 1/5 Tropic Thunder. The happy and typical ending is present. The only suspense is who will end up kissing Hudson is Dane or Biggs. The music was average, decently chosen, but nothing memorable. Cook had the ultimate anti and derogatory female hip hop music in the movie. That was modestly funny. Cook was pretty funny in some scenes though, I will give him that.

I allocate this movie two stars out of five. **

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