Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lower Learning

Jason Biggs is still making a living playing the same soft, weak, and gutless person as he did in the American Pie movies.

Eva Longoria Parker, glad she took Tony's name without any fuss, starred in this movie. She was a school inspector and Biggs plays the VP at this terrible and ridiculous school.

Monica Potter has taken a step down from her criminal ways in the disappointing Mogan Freeman thriller A Long Came a Spider. She plays a teacher who does not teach her students anything because of her personal issues relating to a divorce.

The principal is the leading cause of this crooked and defunct school. Where teachers teach unrelated material, ignore the students and read their own magazines, set up school fights, allow bullies to terrorize physically weaker students, and are basically contributing to a disgusting learning atmosphere. This reminds me of my 8th grade year at Fern Bacon in South Sacramento.

Apparently, Biggs's character used to be a hostage negotiator which is about as believable as Nanci Pilosi attacking Iran rather than her own country.

This entire movie, evidently, consumes one day. In the morning, the principal is playing golf with one of the chosen students sitting in a portable child's pool while he tries to chip his golf balls into it.

The movie starts off with the P/E teacher attempting to do some jumping jacks but can not do one properly and has to sit down for a breather after 3 of them because he is over weight and out of shape. That was hilarious.

Another attractive face in this decent comedy is Jill Latiano.

The movie is funny, a total exageration of all lazy teacher's out there. I mean, even the dibilitating teacher's unions of the past 30 years would not defend the actions of half of the teachers profiled in this movie. One teacher drugs her students so they are quiet while she reads her favorite magazines. Most cuss and use terrible language in the range and right in front of their students. Potter does not teacher her students one thing all day long.

The principal accepts bribes from anything that breathes.

Biggs's character is pathetically weak apparently because Longoria did not accompany him to the high school dance. Yes, they attended the same high school. He squares down with the principal at the end of the movie while the principals finally capitulates. He realizes his leadership has set a horrendous example for a so called learning institution. Bigg's is trying to save the school from being shut down while the principal is hoping it is shut down by the district so he can escape with his long career of liquifying the school's capital for his own personal gain.

The ending was pretty weak and Biggs is notthat good of an actor, listening to him speak for that length of time is not appealing or inspiring. Longoria just stands there, seemingly waiting for her chance to speak. Poor directing writing. The movie had some cool music though.

I allocate this movie two stars out of five. * It is not as funny or sophisticated as Burn After Reading and does not match the magnitude of hilarity that Pineapple Express does.

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