Monday, October 20, 2008

Max Payne

Mark Wahlberg was another action movie but this movie was been redone and brought to life so many times now. Olga Kurylenko was the true bright spot in the movie, she is just absolutely stunning and James Bond will spend time with her soon.

Mark Walhberg has been in a string of hits but he hit a speed bump here. This movie was nothing on Shooter, not even in the same region of the The Departed, and not near the level of We Own the Night. The Departed being the best one here by far.

Walhberg playing the lone detective, which is the title, Max Payne, the independent hero which has been portrayed dozens of times and even more in law enforcement movies. The plot was laid out more fully about half way through the movie. A company made a drug for the military that makes one feel invinciple. A few could some how fight better and had increase stamina. Chris O'Donnell's character explains to us while Payne just whales on him in the former's office that this drug was a spectacular disaster. This drug only had a 1% success rate. Most others were uncontrollable, out of control, seeing hallucinations. Supposedly, the company that sponsor's this drug said it was the reason we are winning the war on terror.

So, Hollywood goes down this road. The surge won, we have knocked the terrorists around the world for a while, and some writer(s) thought of this idea. It is creative but this movie draws some dark scenes from Keanu Reeve's biblical and allegorical action movie Constantine. Constantine was not that impressive though. Why this title? I guess the creativity ended with the short plot storyline.

The bad white cop who is also is responsible for killing Walberg's wife, this has been done so many times in movies it would take too long to think of the movies with this same ending. Mila Kunis is in this movie, I do not know allot about her. But I do know she is no Olga.

Ludacris can not act that well, that just undermines any credibility this movie was supposed to have. His political statements in reality are just absurd as well.

Amaury Nolasco is using his Prison Break clout to work for him. He is the villian who appears to be a demon. Supposedly it has to do with some tattoo and getting to heaven by dying in action. I think they said, or some tattoo artist, it is Norse God story. This is just some of the information Payne digs up along his way with Kunis's character Mona Sax being present here. Nolasco's character was one of the main villians, a former military member who apparently is hooked on the drug, has his own posse, and kills for the fun of it.

This movie is not as good as Street Kings. Nothing on Eagle Eye and not even close to Body of Lies. And does not approach any level near one episode of Prison Break. Olga is worth half the movie. Kind of cold to be dressed how she is in this movie.

I would allocate this movie two stars out of five. **

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