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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is back as Logan and/or Wolverine. This is a blockbuster and it is supreme. It is a triumph and compensates for the Australia debacle of last year. Logan is a Canadien but I guess he enjoys fighting for America. The beginning was cool and showed some history. I did not know Logan was that old. This movie explained how Logan earned his name Wolverine.

This movie had lots of action. Logan had and has a brother. The actor is Liev Schreiber who plays Victor Creed and/or Sabretooth. Liev was outstanding and made his start in Denzel Washington's Manchurian Candidate back in 2004. Liev pumped up for this movie since he was a cold blooded killer. Wolverine can kill just as easily and even more so when he is layered with adamentium. But Wolverine has a conscious. This differs from his comic book persona where he is written as someone who loves to fight. This switch occured back in X-Men I. He is still portrayed as a survivor, not a team player, but he is prone to peace in the movies-not so in the comics and cartoons.

Victor and Logan are brothers and fight in many wars together. They learn to survive on their own as children when Wolverine kills a man for killing his father. But it was not his father, Logan actually kills his own father for shooting the man who was kind to him. Victor is the older brother and has a danger and violent streak from the outset. This is his nature. He is also undisciplined. For some reason, Logan's ability to heal faster and to absorb more pain than his brother is pronounced and revealed. After an incident in the Vietnam war and their surviving of a firing squad, they are held prisoner. This incident would not have occured if it was not for Victor acting undisciplined and mistreating the Vietnemese citizens. Logan was just defending his brother. But with automatic weapons, they were actually captured at this time. This is when Danny Huston presents himself as William Stryker. Huston has been in many other films, including a frightening but realistic vampire movie a couple of years ago called 30 Days of Night.

Stryker has a special unit that goes on missions in America's interest and Strykers as well. He finds adamentium in Africa which is a powerful metal and once it is cooled it is indestructable.
Ryan Reynolds is on this team as Wade Wilson and/or Deadpool. He has extreme sword fighting ability and supreme hand eye coordination.

Dominic Monaghan is also on this team as Chris Bradley and/or Bolt. I have never favored this actor. He just did too many asinine things in Lost that I can not forgive. Despite dying for the plane survivors at the end of season 3, I never forgave him for all the problems he caused, lying about Locke, being a loser drug addict, etc. In this movie, he can form and power machines and electrical compenents with his mind. Sabretooth eliminates him because Stryker is killing mutants because he does not like them. Stryker is wrong, not all mutants deserve to die. In fact, some could be used to enhance the quality of life for everyone. He is starting a war when it is not necessary. Sabretooth is one of his hitmen.

The pretty girl in this movie is someone I have never seen before and her name is Lynn Collins
or Kayla Silverfox. I am sure her last name is not the one she was born with. She is also a mutant but this is not known by Logan. She is one the one who gives Wolverine his name. Her powers are powers of persuasion and manipulation. She uses these to force Wolverine to fall in love with her. But he really did love her. Logan leaves Stryker's team in Africa after just seeing and being surrounded by too much violence and killing. This upsets his brother the most. Logan is working as a lumberjack in the Canadien Northern Territories. A lot of fresh air and blue skies. This world is erupted with Kayla is killed by Sabretooth. Stryker warns Logan that someone is killing his former team members after Bolt is found murdered. Any forensic scientist could determine who actually killed Bolt if they knew who Sabretooth was. It also turns out that these hits are being ordered by Stryker himself. To take this a step further, towards the end, Logan finds out that Kayla was a Stryker plant and she was acting like she loved him. Logan is upset for not smelling the deceipt. Another powerful trait of his.

Logan fights his brother at the logging sight. Sabretooth is quicker and more skilled than Logan. Both can heal exceptionally fast. Sabretooth has claws or fangs and they extend to about 3 inches. He also runs like an animal-on all fours and covers considerable ground. He is bigger and stronger than Wolverine. He breaks the bone claws that extend out of Wolverine's arms by stepping on them. He does this when wolverine is momentarily defeated and in pain. This is convincing and mind altering blow. This is like breaking three bones in someone's body. Sabretooth does not kill Wolverine here even though he could have. Sabretooth is in cahoots with Stryker. Stryker wants Wolverine alive so he can convince him to committ himself to one of his precious experiments. Stryker sees potential in Wolverine but this idea turns into a bust. Much to the dismay of Stryker. Wolverine is not a loyal soldier, he is inherently independent.

Stryker sets this up since he knows Wolverine's healing abilities are extraordinary. He wants to create the ultimate weapon. Weapon X. He does this in Canada at a seemingly broken dam in the middle of Canadian Rockies. After Kayla is killed, Wolverine realizes that it is Sabretooth, his brother who commits this murderous act. Wolverine fights Sabretooth and loses-as I have already explained. He wants to continue this fight but Stryker convinces Wolverine that he can make him even more lethal, possibly invinciple, in a painful process. Logan agrees. Getting his bone claws broken on one arm by Sabretooth was a mind numbing percussion. The process is going well but Stryker takes it too far when he wants to erase Logan's memory. Logan is upset and rejects this chapter of the surgery. Logan escapes but to be followed and hunted down when Stryker realizes he can not control Wolverine. This part of the movie is probably abouta 10 - 15 years ago and remains in this time. The attack helicopters were not Apaches and this movie still had to take place before X-Men I. This is part of a larger story. A continuing timeline.

A mutant that is totally loyal to Stryker is eventually killed by Wolverine. Wolverine quickly realizes and so does Stryker that his adamentium skeleton is powerful and Wolverine's claws are a frightening weapon. This mutant that Wolverine kills is David North and/or Agent Zero. Daniel Henney is the actor's name and he appears to be Japanese despite not having a Japanese name. Agent Zero kills two good people, an older couple that clothes and feeds Wolverine after running from the Alkaline Lake sight. Funny how Stryker does a lot of his work in Canada. I am not sure how he works this all out.

After Wolverine survives this battle, kills his armed attackers, he sets his sights on his brother and Stryker. The movie takes us to Las Vegas for a short while. Then to New Orleans. Wolverine wants to find where Stryker's base is. Taylor Kitsch plays Remy LeBeau and/or Gambit. Wolverine is told that Remy escaped Stryker's mutant experimental labratory and Wolverine wants Gambit to inform him where this place is. Gambit is not too keen on this and fights Wolverine. Wolverine could have killed Sabretooth in New Orleans but Gambit interupts this. Yes, Sabretooth is in New Olreans as well, on Bourbon Street. Gambit has the powers to form electrical surges and power to any object. For instance, he uses a deck of playing cards as super powerful bullets which blast Wolverine through the bar's wall and propels him into an alley. This is when he sees Sabretooth. Gambit is impressive and an expert poker player with his capability. But Wolverine eventually cuts down Gambit to size and informs him that they are on the same side. Gambit flies Wolverine to Stryker's lair. This is when Wolverine is informed of Kayla's deceipt and Stryker's trickery. He did not like Stryker before, it is safe to say he is enormously upset with him now.

Wolverine decides to free the trapped mutants with Kayla's assistance. One of them is the mutant which becomes an X-Men, named Cyclops.

Stryker is not only killed mutants he is capturing some of them to harness their power. Scott Adkins or Weapon XI is his latest trophy. Stryker has a top medical team working for him. Strkyer knows he will never be able to control Wolverine. So he begins to work on a new idea. This shift is Weapon XI, after Wolverine's escape which was Weapon X. But that did not work out obviously. Weaon XI has the power and ability of about 12 mutants. Weapon XI and Wolverine square off and the fight continues to the top of a nuclear cylindrical structure. This is where Wolverine wants it. Weapon XI is about to kill Wolverine but Sabretooth who has been observing the descending chaos and devastation saves his brother. Weapon XI has extreme fighting ability, probably from Deadpool. He is a handful for the both of them which decide to fight back to back. The fight is incredible and a powerful ending. Weapon XI has Cyclops laser beam, adamentium swords which extend out of his arms, and has the ability to disappear and reappear. With team work, Wolverine is able to decapitate Weapon XI. But his falling head still continues to shoot out his laser beam which destroys the cement nuclear super structure. Gambit may have saved Wolverine's life or atleast saved him some discomfort when about 200 tons of cement was about to pulverize him. Sabretooth escapes after Wolverine warns him that he is still unhappy with him. Sabretooth reminds him that they are kin.

Stryker appears with a gun that fires specially designed adamentium bullets. He is told by his top doctor who is pretty as well that adamentium bullets will not kill Wolverine because Wolverine has incredible healing abilities. But Stryker believes they will destroy his memory. Stryker shoots Wolverine as Wolverine is running straight for him to not discuss the current baseball season. Stryker shoots him in the head and this stuns Wolverine, this is successful in stopping his momentum. Wolverine does not remember who Kayla is as she passes away. This is why Wolverine spends X-Men I and II trying to regain his memory. Xavier helps him in this endeavor. Stryker has shot Kayla as well. Wolverine recovers and escapes with Gambit in an airplane as the Canadien government realizes some terrible events are occuring on their soil.

Sabretooth seems to handle Wolverine pretty well in X-Men I. They fight twice. It is not a perfect story. This movie clearly reveals that with an adementium skeleton, Sabretooth does not stand a real chance against his little brother.

This movie is entertaining, is an epic, and is full of adventure and intrigue. One disappointment is Wolverine did not have enough funny and cool one lines. In the beginning, after the the firing squad, he murmers that it tickled to General Stryker. Towards the end, when fighting Weapon XI, he could have said things like: "It appears I am going to sweat today." Or, "Can we talk this out?" Or, "I may have to get dirty on this one."

After the closing credits, there is a short scene with General Stryker. He is going to be questioned for the disappearance of another General. Stryker did murder him because this General was going to slice the funding of Strkyer's operation. But can this be proven? It must not be since General Stryker is in full affect in X-Men II.

I think one would run out water before they wore down the shoes on their feet.

The movie took us around the world. There were not any standout flaws. It was as good as Iron Man last year. Much better than Hulk II which was horrendous. Not sure if it will equal Transformers II or Terminator: Salvation. I do know Wolverine could kill many terminators and I would love to see him fight a T1000. I would also like to see Wolverine kill Aliens and some Predators.

I allocate four stars for this movie.****

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