Saturday, May 16, 2009

Next Day Air

This movie was hilarious. Donald Faison is one of the stars in this movie. He was the mercurial running back in Remember the Titans. In this movie, he goes by Leo. He works for a delivery company who seems to take his life and job for granted. He embarrases his mother who happens to be his boss. He smokes weed on the job and works haphazardly.

But the real funny man in the movie is Mike Epps. He plays Brody and he plays his typical character which is someone just flopping around in life. He is a robber who has happened to be caught by the authorities or shot by another fellow hoodlum. His roomate is another Remember the Titans graduate Wood Harris who plays the grouchy and a ruffian named Guch. They both are wondering through their wayward lives with a bum sleeping on their couch who they do not like and barely know. They are both too scared and chicken shit to kick him out. When a drug dealer, Brody's cousin accidently sits on him when he does not see him sleeping on the couch, that was hilarious. Wow, that was funny. This ghetto loser was wearing dark clothes and the couch was black leather. They come into a curse or inheritance when 10 bricks of quality brick cocaine is accidently delivered to them by the sloppy Leo. It is in a pot, inside a box. It was being sent to his Philadelphia deliveryman Omari Hardwick who is called Shavoo.

Mos Def has to pay the bills and perhaps has not obtained enough roles lately so he decided to be Eric in this movie. He is a co worker of Leo and just as big of a loser. He does not care about deliverying boxes but he has already been in trouble with the law so he took the job to keep his parole officer off of his back.

Shavoo, the only thing it seems he has done good in his life is earn the right to date the cute Yasmin Deliz who plays Chita. Not only is she taller than him, she can cook a little. This movie is not complicated. Leo mistakenly delivers the wrong box to the wrong house. If it was too a law abiding household, the police would have been called and he probably would have been killed by the Mexicans for being an incompetent fool. The apartment is occupied by the ghetto but thinking of getting out of his Mike Tyson robbing ways Guch. And ofcourse by his cohort in crime and video game partner Brody. They have no intention of calling the police about the drugs nor finding the proper owner. They easily find out that the package was delivered to the wrong home. They are thinking cash profit though, not doing the right thing. And it costs them all in the end.

Leo though comes out ahead, he survives the deadly shoot out at end the climax of this comedy and takes off with almost all of the $150,000 in cash. He was pretty sloppy about it and he walked out with a shotgun whichw as stupid. This would only bring attention and some bystanders saw his face. Dumb, so he will probably be arrested later that day. He did a foolish job of getting away. Ofcourse he is not innocent, he chooses to be a pathetic worker, smoke drugs, and work with indifference towards people's possessions being mailed. This guy is buying drugs while at work and does not even close his work truck with undelivered boxes exposed and in sight. Brain dead.

Guch and Brody are both killed. I am not sure about their loser roommate. What happened to him? Shavoo survives but can he heal without attending a local hospital? His girlfriend grabs the drugs and carries him away. Leo should have grabbed both but perhaps not. He did a poor job of walking away with the cash. Not even securing properly in his bag, not even putting a little in his pocket. Carrying a shotgun rather than bringing a handgun. He did many things wrong.

The funniest scene in the movie when this fool was leaning against the wall and two drug dealers were arguing about who stole their supplies. I thought that was hilarious. There were various ridiculous scenes in this Philadelphia movie. Ofcourse this movie only took place in about 6 different locations. There were many guns and some cool music. Wood Harris is a lot thinner than his Titan football days. He is plays the hard core and alpha male role pretty well.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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