Friday, May 15, 2009

Miss March

This movie is a horrible. Raquel Alessi who was absolutely stunning in Ghost Rider, even eclipsing her older self played by Eva Mendes in that movie-is still gorgeous. It is shameful that decrepid looking actresses like Kirsten Dunst take on big roles but Raquel must float blanketless movies like this one. It has only been two years, what happened? Cindi Whitehall is her character's name.

This movie is not worth discussing that much. It is stupid High School movie. Though it just 4 years since the main character falls down some stairs in a prom night party and sinks into a coma. His best friend is still loyal but his father is not really and he has to deal with muscle atrophy. It would be a slow and healthy recovery but his nutcase friend wants to travel to a Playboy Party. Eugene Bell is the main character's name. His loser friend is Tucker Cleigh. Both characters are so naive and clueless, it must be fiction. Tucker is out of control in life and anyone that ridiculous would have probably been dead before age 20. His parents were a non influence or no where to be seen.

Tucker is brain dead throughout the movie, a negative human being. He is not cool, why this movie makes appear to be cool is not a good image to promote. Though it only fools the true lost causes in High School and younger. I grew up with one on Shirley Dr. and met other in life as well. But even most rejects would determine Tucker is not someone worth emulating. His car is not appealing either. Only for pot head perhaps.

This movie does devastate hip hop music. They belittle and degrade hip hip down to its root. I do not think Ice Cube falls in this line, but some other rappers do. Some Eminem songs are deplorable but the he does this to gain attention. Ludicrous is trash and full of debauchery. he falls under this category and this movie attacks him. Some of it is funny but this movie is not worth seeing ever again and will not last more than one weekend in the theatres. The music video shown in the middle of this polluted movie was disgusting. Hip hop does defile woman but this song is over the top. Even MTV would reject a song so baseless and contemptible.

These dumbasses drive across the country since Eugene's former high school girlfriend has become a playboy playmate. Eugene wants to rekindle the relationship and talk to her how she denounced her so called good girl ways and became a slut. She is a slut. I do not think becoming a playmate requires screwing everyone that walks by. With looks like that, it is not necessary.

The music is OK. There are a few funny scenes. There are a lot of attractive females. One thing the blockbuster Star Trek could not figure out. That skinny girl in that movie who had a think for Spock was cast in the wrong film. Hugh M. Hefner makes a guest appearance.

A disgusting scene at the end. I do not know who thinks that is funny. Repulsive.

Alessi must not be able to act though. Why is she not given that many lines? She acts better than Kirst Dunst though, that is not saying much.

I allocate this movie one star.*

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