Friday, May 8, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Matthew McConaughey plays in another love story. This movie will probably last one weekend in the theatres and it is the like the 6th identical movie he has made. Or it seems so. He has not played in a movie that is half way interesting since We Are Marshall. He is a wealthy skin photographer named Connor Mead. I am not sure why someone in this line work would not be single. It just seems like an affair would be surly inevitable. Not very many woman would want to marry this type of man who held a job in this industry. But I could be wrong because the money is good and every situation is different.

Jennifer Garner plays Dr. Jenny Perotti. It would be nice to see a movie where the characters have a profession that is not just so simple as a Dr. How about a store manager at Costco?

Connor is a player and his brother is getting married to emotional psycho. This bride used to be in Party of Five with the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt. Emma Stone is Allison Vandermeersh who is about to marry Connor's dorky brother.

Michael Douglas must have had a week off in his schedule to agree to play Uncle Wayne. He is actually a ghost and informs Connor that he is going to be visited by three ghosts. They try to pinpoint where Connor went wrong in his judgement and moral understanding of woman. They want to fix him because he is flawed. He is flawed when it comes to his warped view of marriage. Marriage is a powerful relationship which is sacred but if he does not want to settle down, why should society view him as being strange or harsh? He is not a bad person nor is anyone like this. If a lot of loose woman want to sleep with this guy, so? This movie points out how dumb some woman are since so many think they are the one to change a swinger and smooth talker of this caliber. He is too good at this game. Hilarious or pathetic.

If the Connors of the world want to risk catching an STD, that is their perogative. This ensures a constant stream of revenue and importance to the medical industry. The cycle marches on.

This movie is redundant and may not even break even in the box office. Some decent music but that is just to block out the weak and repetitive story line.

I give this movie one star.*

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