Monday, May 18, 2009

Driven to Kill

Steven Seagal plays a Russian bad ass named Ruslan Drachev. It is a B rate with terrible acting. Ofcourse they usually are. Seagal almost acts as bad as Van Dam. I do not understand why the level of funding would affect the acting. Seagal never was a bad actor, but in these B rate movies he is making now his acting is laughable. This movie in particular.

Ruslan just beats people up all movie. Actually, that is an understatement, he smashes people's heads in. In the beginning, he could have just punched one guy and walked away. The second would have shut up, not put up. And this idiot listens to Ruslan and gets on his knees. Rusland kicks him in the faces and smashes him into a glass and wooden cabinet. In reality, this second so called bad ass would have either walked or ran away. Ruslan would have been in jail for assault even if the bar tender liked him. This was a nice bar too, Ruslan just expects these two idiots to pay for the damage?

In Hard to Kill the villians killed Seagal's wife and Seagal sought and obtained his revenge. In this joke movie, they critically injure his pretty daughter and vanquish his sister. The difference was, this movie's acting and script were absolutely terrible. Some decent music at times but any punch landed and the sound affects were almost as exagerated as the 1960's Batman and Robin with "Bam" and "Splat" displayed in large characters. The punches did not even come close to landing in this film. Seagal can run though, a little. Not bad for someone as old as he.

Seagal is not tarnishing his legacy by making these films. He will still go down as one of Hollywood's great action actors and one who actually knew how to fight. Seagal obviously still likes to make pictures. I am not sure if he needs the money or what. I guess it is better than sitting around all day wandering around the home.

One of the detectives was so generic, his fake mustache was a sight for sore eyes. I do not even know where these fools come from. This movie takes place mostly in Russia. Rusland probably makes dictator Putin happy since he kills about 15 of Russia's La Cosa Nostra. Though there is some collateral damage. Good riddance. Mafia is better when they stay hidden.

Seagal is one of my favorite action actors of all time. His hand to hand fighting skills are awesome and he used to break people's arms with the best of them. He had some awesome moves. He was highly entertaining to watch. I believe Exit Wounds was his last movie with any budget behind it that Seagal was in.

One guy slapped another lost soul at the end and his hand must have been three foot away from the receiver's face. The probably most fictional aspect in this film is Seagal being a crime novelist. Don't get me wrong, I like Seagal. He is not a liberal wack job like Charlie Sheen nor an anti-American punk like Sean Penn. Seagal does not slide down the same slope as most the Hollywood baffoons. The ones contributing to the demise of California. China deserves taking market share from foolish and spoiled America.

I allocate this movie one star.* Atleast Rusland's daughter is attractive. And it is still better than Nicolas Cage's Wicker Man.

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