Sunday, May 3, 2009


Idris Elba plays Derek. Derek is a grown black man with a professional career on track who has it all. A nice little baby and a lovely wife. Beyoncé Knowles is his wife and her name is Sharon in this copy cat film. This movie has been made before in so many other forms. The only difference here is a white girl going after a black man. I know the KKK would be highly upset with this one. It appears Kobe Bryant had a case of this in Colorado. This did not end his career or cause it much harm but this cost him probably $200 million total in endorsements that he could have obtained in his career. This money has gone to Lebron, Tiger, and other athletes.

The gorgeous girl in this movie, is the stunning Ali Larter who plays Lisa. This is not the first time Ali Carter has played a slutty character. She has a famous scene in a High School football movie with whip creme in Varsity Blues. She has always been attractive and she could probably seduce many men. But, Derek should have handled this situation in a different manner from the outset. It is hard to say though, in this day and age, the man is usually screwed. Any allegations and most people take the woman's side. The woman has political correctness on his side. Derek does have the color of his skin which political correctness could protect. His wife would not accept this though, nor any wife perhaps. Derek was not given the benefit of the doubt by his wife nor his company in this movie.

Derek should have explained what happened at the Christmas party and in his car after work with Lisa to human resources (HR) right after this occured. He should have gone to HR right after the Xmas incident. He went to his friend-Jerry O'Connell who plays someone named Ben-who just laughed it off and did not take much heed. His friend needed help and was grasping at straws. Ben should have taken this more seriously and he sensed this temp-Lisa-preferred black guys. Lisa was an excellent assistant but the learned the ropes and secrets of the office quickly. This impressed people but Derek should not have let her get that close, should have brought his wife to the Xmas party. That is a administration error and a sloppy company policy.

Lisa was out of her mind. She over doses on prescription medication inside Derek's hotel room at a company retreat. I guess she wants to toss her life away to disrupt a good person's life. She is hospitalized but this paints a negative picture on Derek and her relationship. Selfish and sickening. Derek should not have let his drink out of his site and Ben should have noticed Derek was drugged or acting strangely as they walked back to their hotel rooms.

The movie is unrealistic here though. Derek would have told his male co workers that this girl was at the hotel trying to seduce him. He could have had one of his friends step and either occupy this girl or scare her off. At worst, one of Derek's co workers could have kept her at bay. Then there would be witnesses to this girl's irrational pursuit and unhealthy actions. But this is fiction, like Basic Instinct, it is just a story which is made up and untrue.

Lisa quits her temporary job at Derek's hedge fund firm. This releases the pressure off of Derek. But the worst is about to come. She continues to obtain information on his plans from the gay secretary at the firm. This person should be written up for divulging this information to non company employee. When Derek and Sharon are out to eat, they hire a baby sitter. Lisa manipulates her way past the baby sitter and takes the baby outside the home. She leaves the baby inside their car, in the baby seat. Ofcourse this is after Derek and Lisa go crazy and the police are notified. They take the baby to the hospital to have him checked out. They also install a home security system.

Lisa gains access to their home again thinking Derek is coming home and Sharon is off in San Diego. She is obsessed with Derek hence the title so that is a positive aspect of this movie. Sharon returns since Derek asks her if she remembered to set the home security system. She forgot. So she returns and finds Lisa in one of Derek's T-shirts. She wants to entrance and mesmerize him. It would not work, she chose a married man. This could work on some married men though, the weaker ones or the ones with pathetic wives.

This is where this movie goes awry. It bounces again off of reality. Sharon should have called the police instanly she sees Lisa rather than discuss anything with her. Rather, they engage in a 5 minute movie ending brawl. Ali Carter is hot but her fighting like this is unappealing. Even if it is with Beyonce. Beyonce wins and the female Detective is too late and a dollar short. But atleast the Charles family can live on in peace. Though there is about $10,000 in house damage considered Lisa trashed their home when they were at the hospital a few nights prior.

This movie is a smorgasborg of many other movies. It is not worth paying for, even if Ali Carter was nude. She was not and this movie had very little entertaining scenes. It is predictable and will last about one weekend in the theatres. The writing is subpar and plain. Nothing worth quoting, not even close. I am not sure one scene was humorous. Even Silence of the Lambs had some funny scenes. But it was still better than Wicker Man.

I allocate one star for this movie.*

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