Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prison Break: The Final Break

Dominic Purcell is back as the bad ass but loyal and loving brother Lincoln Burrows. This movie is an alternate ending to the series which just ended after season 4. Four years on television, season one and three being the best to me. The final season, was really not that spectacular but still good.

Wentworth Miller returns as mastermind Michael Scofield. This time he has the FBI to deal with and another prison challenge. Nothing new there. The average looking and really plain attractiveness of Sarah Wayne Callies is the same Dr. Sara Tancredi. I think the casting director fell asleep or was bribed when accepting her to consume this powerful role as the love interest of the world famous Miller. But she was the face we all had to look at for several years now. This time she is the one who was imprisoned for shooting the brother's wicked mother. She was arrested on their wedding day. To the dismay of Scofield and Burrows and everyone else. She was hauled off on murder charges. Even though it was in protection of Scofield, Sara is arrested. Sara shot the mother for many reasons and Scofield's mother was about to murder him. The camera did not catch this though so that is the story that we were given. The law enforcement community was not going to show these people any leniency since they made the Bureau of Corrections look pretty bad in the prison in Illinois.

Sara clearly does not belong in prison but this is fiction. It is just an absolute waste of tax payer resources.

Amaury Nolasco is back Fernando Sucre and his friendship continues with the brothers. This is an outstanding relationship as he teams up to break out Sara. Robert Knepper is ofcourse present as the evil and notorious Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell. The scarred General has a role here since he is imprisoned with Bagwell. Mahone is present as he wants to join the FBI so badly but he resists this temptation to offer the FBI any substantial information. He gives the FBI enough to satisfy them but not to reveal what is really going to happen. The FBI knows that the brothers are planning something that they assign an FBI agent to follow them around. He is a real antagonist as well. The writers make the FBI look pretty bad in the eyes of the viewer.

The General lives up to his vindictive ways by putting a $100,000 hit on Tancredi. The female and male prison are evidently adjacent to each other. This is why Scofield and Lincoln do not have that much time to work.

The shocking role in this movie is from the "Father." The cute girl in Point Break plays a glasses wearing female daddy. No joke. She is not that pretty any more and no longer Keanu Reeve's honey. She ends up wanting to kill Sara. Sara receives some help from Gretchen Morgan though. Gretchen is in the same prison as Sara and defends Sara since she knows Sara is possibily her ticket to jolt from the prison. Gretchen is caught though, why she was not standing still is beyond me.

Michael does not escape with Sara. The electronics of the prison do not work exactly like he planned. What is that? Hey, he planned this escape in only a day. Sara and Scofield's son escape and Lincoln and Sara float away from America's shores to Costa Rica. Lincoln's girlfriend assists here with Sucre's teamwork. Scofield still had the sickness in this movie. That part of his character did not change. He knew his days were numbered. Sara's was not and he wanted his child to be born in a proper manner and with his mother. With a free life ahead of him and her.

Strange I have not seen Scofield in other films. Sucre, Bagwell, and Burrows all have branched out and added to their resume. Miller has not. I am not sure if this is buy choice or what. Bagwell has emerged strong. He should have won awards if he did not as potraying that depraved character. Mahone had already made a name for himself before the series ever began.

This was an excellent TV movie and the first one I have ever written about for this blog.

I allocate this movie four stars.***

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