Friday, November 7, 2008

While She Was Out

Kim Basinger stars in this movie with an abusive husband. Not much of an acting job since she put up with that psycho Alec Baldwin for many years. Baldwin likes to leave nasty phone messages on his daughter's cell phone.

Basinger is still gorgeous but she plays in a similar movie in the cell phone thriller called Cellular in 2004. This time, in the beginning, the cell phone does not work when she is trying to call 911. She should have never gotten out of her car right in the beginning nor confronted these young hooligans.

I am surprised Hollywood does not get lambasted by the feminists for portraying woman as poor drivers. Basinger can not drive a car worth squat. She needs no help in crashing her car, she just does this all on her own. Why does she not drive home? Why does she not drive right back into the area of people outside the department stores that she just left 3 minutes prior to meeting these ruffians?

She kills or maims them one at a time. They call her terrible names on the way, derogatory names towards a female. They are complete losers who just make terrible decisions and their wayward ways are evident throughout this film.

Not only can Basinger not drive a car properly, she can not run without tripping and making allot of noise. Why she is running with a tool box in the woods is beyond me. She has ample time and opportunity to make her escape but she is too brain dead, delusional, or inept to make it happen.

None of the characters in this movie are worth mentioning besides Basinger. One would not know who they were if I did. How she kills this guy with a lug wrench is just total fantasy and this fools just walks right into it and allows it to occur. Pretty disgusting, something Michael Myers would do to an unsuspecting victim. The four barbaric souls are killed one at a time be her. She should be given a medal, and probably would, by society for getting rid of four leaches.

I would allocate this movie one star. * It was not as terrible as the X Files so called sequal of last summer.

Basinger takes out a 5th villian at the end. It is her abusive and despicable husband. She might as well clean house while she has the stomach for it.

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