Saturday, November 29, 2008


Kristen Stewart stars in this new age vampire film. She is cute, not Jennifer Love Hewitt or anything.

This movie was decent but after thinking about if for a while, I now wished Blade would have appeared and ended this perpetual fantasy these vampires in this small town were/are living.

Robert Pattinson is the teenage vampire young female fans will come to see this movie for.

Two oringinal scenes or aspects is the combination of the local Indian tribe. The local Indian tribe are cognizant of the vampires and apparently, a few centuries prior, settled a pact with the vampire family. They do not want them killing deer or game on their land. If they do or are found to be on their land, the Indians would inform the white man or pale faces as the early settlers or Americans are referred to of the vampire existence. Not sure who would believe the story, but I am sure the Indians could convince someone of their existence.

The movie starts out in Phoenix but then her Stewart's character relocates to a small town in Washington, in the woods with her father. Her father just happens to be the new town COP, Chief of Police. The high school kids believe the Cullen's are weird. Not sure how a kid/student can remain in high school indefinitely and one realizes this or notices he does not age. Oh well. I did not pay too close attention to the particulars.

This movie sort of copied Jumper from earlier this year. Accept Jumper had Samuel L. Jackson and this movie does not. Jumper was also completely original, had several action scenes, and much of it was original. Jumper also went to various parts of the world, Twilight lacks so many of these attributes.

The baseball scene in Twilight was funny and creative. They had to play during a Thunderstorm because the bat hitting the ball was so powerful. Hilarious. Any wooden bat hitting an object that hard, either the bat would blow up in a hail of splinters or the ball's cover would be torn apart like the slugger Roy Hobbs did in the outstanding movie The Natural. But teenage girls watching this do not know about this nor care.

Bella Swan is Stewart's character and she does not become a vampire as far as I know. Edward Cullen played by Pattinson resists the urge to bite her, turn her, or eat her, what ever the proper nomenclature is.

The music in this movie was unimpressive, the action was weak to nonexistent, but the acting was decent. Normal human male teenagers were shown to be either potential rapists or just jerks, unless they were Indian. I used to live in Phoenix so that was interesting, then they went to small town Washington and favored this environment. I would take rain and cold over dust storms and scorpions as well.

I allocate this movie one star. *

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