Friday, November 7, 2008

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

This has a funny, unknown Englishman who leads this funny movie. The first flaw in the movie was when I saw Kirsten Dunst, who is plain looking and who should have never been chosen for the Mary Jane role in Spiderman. How she stole that part is beyond human comprehension. Spiderman II and III were both terrible.

This movie has many characters that do not do much. The movie does have some funny scenes, the movie is actually pretty funny. It is not Pineapple Express but it is funny.

Gillian Anderson is in this movie and is stunning as usual. Good to see her do something since that X Files movie this year was the worst movie of the year for so many reasons it is just incomprehensible.

Simon Pegg is the crazed Englishman running all around in this movie. He is comical, he is outlandish. This movie celebrates Hollywood and how cool it is being a star, but this movie also points out that money can not buy happiness and certain stars are as dimwitted and moronic as any useless creature can be.

Besides Dunst, hard to believe she does not change her last name from genesis, this movie has many attractive females. There a couple of humorous scenes that occur when the female is not who we think she is, or he. This movie is not suitable for children which is kind of apparent.

Pegg and Dunst fall for each other, they flirt back and forth throughout this film. But Pegg has other girl friends and one appears in the scene and is spectacular. I would rather see this woman allot more than Dunst. The movie has some pretty good music.

I hope Megan Fox is in Transformers II. Fox playing Mother Theresa, now that must be fiction.

Pegg is treated petty badly by Fox towards the end of the movie. This destroys his fantastical ambitions to a girl either too good or bad for him depending on one's perspective. She orders him around in front of these other people, no guy or girl should submit themselves to someone so shallow. No guy should ever act like that, ever! And he gives Fox's character a special ring which he should have never done. He did not need to hang out with this character to know what type of person she is. I do not need to hang out with Paris Hilton to know she is as dumb as shit. What does someone this brain dead have to say? Nothing, that is her extensive vernacular extends to about 5 words. I love it last year when Letterman almost made her cry when asking her about her jail experience.

Dunst's character hurling inside the rental car is almost too much. Go out of window, Pegg's character should have though about that ahead of time and had the window down. The smell probably could have led to a maelstrom freeway experience.

The best scene in this movie is when Fox's ugly little dog is killed by a falling vase. Why people like chihuahuas, why people are fascinated with this disgusting little animal, is beyond me?

Jeff Bridges looks like a hippi with long hair. Not a compliment.

The movie takes place in NYC and LA, typical. It begins in London.

Burn After Reading was funnier and more original. That was a funny movie.

I allocate this movie two stars. **

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