Friday, November 14, 2008

Role Models

Seann William Scott is back in this funny movie. He is one of the few to do anything with their American Pie fame. None of the others have built anything of a career like him, accept that geeky guy with the large nose who walked away from Nadia like a fool.

Bobb'e J. Thompson plays a potty mouth adolescent. He is funny and when he slaps Scott before he exits the car, it is hilarious. I am not sure why needs a friend, he has friends and this is displayed in the middle of the movie. A character or person like him would not be suitable for any role model. This is said, others always walk away from him but it does not diminish his behavior or confidence proving a court appointed role model is unnessesary. But it is a movie and one should overlook this.

The movie is funny, but it is not Pineapple Express, not even close, nor Burn After Reading. The first half is better than the second, in terms of hilarity. Thompson mellows out towards the end which is why the movie was funny to begin with. Whoever wrote his lines decided to take his comedy out of the movie. Which correlates with less laughter.

Elizabeth Banks is decent, nothing special in this movie.

Superbad geek star plays a loser, his character loves middle age Europe, the time frame of sword fighting and shield yielding. Honor and glory is what he seeks in a mythical world. He meets with his friends in the park and practices. He probably does need a mentor since his parents are cruel to him and he practices this at school, on the roof, all alone. Now that is odd. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is his name and he does a pretty good job. I guess he can play the geek or loser forever, he is attempting to carve his niche.

Scott and his buddy are energy drink sponsors. They get into a squabble with tow truck driver and drive their large truck, company vehicle, on top of a high school statue in broad daylight. Pretty foolish but funny nevertheless. As a punishment, and not wanting to go to jail for a month, well one was considering it since he did not want to hang out with a high school kid who lives in his own fantasy land. They have to hang out with these kids for 150 hours, attempt to mentor them or atleast be their friend or act friendly toward them. I did not laugh that much in the last 35 minutes so that stole some of the thunder from this movie. The idea and beginning held potential though.

I allocate this movie two stars. **

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