Saturday, November 22, 2008


This was a low budget Australian movie which occurs in Sydney. It is example on why people can not trust government for their lives or futures. And should not expect too.

This movie is not unlike the English disaster movie which arrived earlier in the year called Flood. Flood had a larger budget. Scorched was a drought that was extending to about 250 days in the South Eastern portion of the Australian continent. The time frame is Christmas which is strange to me since I am not use to seeing hot weather in late December.

The movie presents a mystery to the viewer in putting forth the idea that the western side of Sydney does not have sufficient fresh water. Later on in the movie, it is disclosed, the western side of the side is not even connected to the main water supply. Which makes absolutely no sense. The end of the movie it is pointed out the mayor verbally makes a deal with a private company to be provided free energy for an unlimited amount of free fresh water. She had no right to do this even if this made some sense. Icing on the cake is when she takes a $1,000,000 campaign pledge or prize from this company. This is filmed somehow and emailed to the cheif of the cities emergency services. The mayor seems unconcerned and indifferent towards the people that are dying in the fire and the drastic situation the city faces. So what happens at the end is not a real surprise. The shock is that the conversation was recorded and sent to the right person.

She is arrested but this is not shown. The fire trucks and fighters did not have enough water pressure at the end to fight the fire and the winds drove the fire further into neighborhoods and residential areas. The citizens were helpless while the mayor just allowed this to occur. All for political ambition.

The movie was well acted and written. It is not Armegeddon, not even close, but it is decent for a lower budgeted movie.

Government can not be trusted for either incompetence or corruption. This time it was the latter.

I would allocate two stars for this movie. **

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