Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slap Shot 3: The Junior League

This movie was not watched in depth by me. It is pretty funny. If one likes hockey, it is for them. But this is small time hockey. A love interested in included. A small town hockey team that consists of boys that all live together since they are orphans. This story is not unique, the poor or common against the good looking and wealthy. The underdog team wins in the end, and the good boy gets the pretty girl. He scores the winning goal against the movie jerk or antagonist.

The movie also has a city official who wants this rag tag team to do poorly. Her part is not unlike the Indian's female owner in the 1980's movie Major League.

This girl is cute and she has an impressive hockey game herself. She is on the roster in the final game, who scores a goal on the rival and another boy who used to like her. Nothing here is original.

Leslie Nielsen is the mayor who loves this team. He stars but it is not a typical slap stick or goofy movie that many other movies have copied.

Hockey legend Mark Messier makes a cameo.

The movie is pretty funny, some aspects are fresh. The orphan boys even obtain a new home at the end or a home that is more suitable and nicer than their run down home that has been housing them for and other orphan boys for many years.

I allocate two stars for this movie. **

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