Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sex Drive

Seth Green made a guest appearance as an Amish guy, that was funny. No one else in the movie was worth watching. This movie is a smorsgaborg of movies just mish mashed together.

The jail scene was funny and they did not copy other movies here. There were some original parts. Josh Zuckerman character has been done many times before, American Pie for instance. The geeky guy, the nice guy, it has been written countless times it is pathetic. His friend who lives across the street is always getting in his way and messing him up. She ruins the movie, does not have a life of her own. His character is exactly like the Jason Biggs character in the popular series of American Pie.

Pretty simple plot. He seduces or she seduces a girl who is in Knoxville, TN. She is hot but the question in the movie, is she real? Is she who she says she is. She is but then she car jacks him, Josh's character.

The movie is pretty funny actually. Despite being a replicate of so many others. There is some hot Amish girls in the movie, one who Josh's friend falls for and sticks it out with. Where she gets the bail money is anyone's guess.

Couple of nice car's in the movie.

How is chunky, sloppy friend is a lady's man is the most fictional aspect of this story.

Happy ending abounds and I never knew Amish folks could fix cars so quickly and professionally. Seth Green is funny, is he serious in some of those scenes? The movie would have been more noble if the main character returned the favor of the Amish guys fixing his car by doing some work around there, making it even. Seth Green's character makes this proposal, he should not have to, it should have been presented by the loser, the main character. I think his character is so ridiculous, the spectacular movie Transformers is more realistic.

This movie is better than Role Models though. Role Models just fell apart in the latter half, there was not any hilarious scenes. Role Models had potential, it is a disappointment. Sean William Scott in Mr. Woodcock was so much funnier. That movie was hilarious. Billy Bobb just terrorizing those kids in P/E is classic. Sex Drive was consistently funny throughout the movie. Not sure why Alicia, Zuckerman's character's best friend who is always blocking him, why she does not say she likes him. When, as it turns out, she does and she made him feel terrible when he tried to kiss her. The cat fight at the end was hilarious. The prison scene with Alicia was just goofy.

Zuckerman's brother at the end was a typical jock type personality. But then at the end, they turn him into being gay which was not necessary. The gay community's influence is too strong with only a small minority actually being gay. The gay struggle is not akin to the black struggle in the mid 20th century. Even though they think it is.

Details about who is paying for the food, gas, hotels, on this road trip are over looked. Though his parents did leave him $40 on the living room table, what ever. Some good music in this movie, and many attractive females. Too bad the main character has been done repeatedly in the past 10 years.

I allocate this movie two stars. **

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