Monday, August 18, 2008

Pineapple Express

This movie was hilarious. It was up there with Superbad and is included with the new hot blond on the scene, Amber Heard from Never Back Down. The movie was funnier than the weird The Love Guru and Adam Sandler's redundant politically correct You Don't Mess With the Zohan.

It was interesting to see Spiderman's The Green Goblin, that young actor in a goofy movie like this. He was a stoner, not unlike Jeff Bridges in the outstanding and memorable The Big Lebowski. This movie was like that movie with just a little action at the end and some action throughout. Rosie Perez resides in this comedy and performs well but she is not Amber Beard nor is she suppose to.

I always thought Rosie Perez was sort of annoying but oh well. It is another hit for Seth Rogen and I am sure his stock will continue to do well. No cameo from his buddy, the short curly hair chubby boy who starred in Superbad. I was laughing hysterically in Pineapple more than once, it was just so silly. Why a hottie like Amber Beard would be with a fat, older dude like Seth is not really fiction, I saw that allot when I lived in AZ.

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