Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Death Race

This movie was a combination of Lock Up, The Running Man, and Undisputed. Jason Statham plays in other high octane, action packed movie. It is predictable and not even close to the equal of The Transporter. Not sure if he well ever top that though. That movie was superb. The Italian Job was excellent as well but that is more Mark Walberg's treat. I wonder if Statham will have a larger role in the upcoming feature, The Brazilian Job?

The Death Race did have some nice beats and well chosen music. Atleast for anyone younger than 40. A gorgeous Mexican actress is presented to us in this film, Natalie Martinez. The competion is fierce, but she is a step above Eva Mendez and I do not have to Natalie in another movie to determine this.

Not a complicated movie, the movie had a sweet ending. Why they made a big deal about each driver and then killed them off so simply does not make allot of sense. But if I had a life sentence and I could possibly reduce that by driving a powerful car with 30 millimeter machine guns and missile launchers, why not? Just like my dad always says, rather have a quick death than a slow one.

This movie never shows the audience or anyone in their home watching this death race. They went cheap there or someone forgot the obvious. This is a blank whole in this film.

Tyrese will never win an Oscar, but he will make money and toss out one liners written by generation X script writers. No different than Fast and Furious II, Tyrese enjoys to drive fast and thwart the law. But in Death Race, the law is corrupt and the Warden on this island prison is an immoral dictator played by Joan Allen. She does her job, but she is still not much to look at. She plays the hard ass well, this type of warden is nothing new.

Death Race is entertaining but will be in the theatres probably no longer than two weeks.

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