Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, Kiefer Sutherland went the Michael Keaton and Julianne Moore route of making a horror movie after their star has already risen. This was probably the best of the three. Keaton's White Noise was pretty weak . Moore's The Forgotten was frightening but it is depressing since how does one fight all powerful aliens? Totally fiction though. The real reason Sutherland probably took this movie or role is since he screwed up with a DUI last fall and it cost him to take a year off of the hit show 24. Ofcourse the writer's strike did not help much either.

Mirrors was also accompanied by the new Halle Barry, probably the most attractive black woman, or woman, for that matter, in the world. I am referring to Paula Patton who first braced us with her gorgeous presence in the action thriller De Ja Vu. She was stunning in this movie, completely gorgeous. Even during the frightening moments at the end, I just eyeballed her beauty and ignored all the chaos.

This movie had another annoying scene at the end when the son just wanders off. I probably loath these scenes since it is hard to believe that any one is this foolish, even a 10 year old. That is right, even at 10 I would not have wandered into total darkness or danger like that. In this case, it was his own bedroom down the hall. I would stayed right there near my momma. Shortly afterward, the daughter is cut in the throat and the mother does not call 911 and should have sent her outside the home to alert the neighbors or atleast scream so loud that the neighbors come running outside their homes. Not an award winning film but something to pay some of these folk's bills.

Mirrors is about a entity that is trapped in mirrors and wants to cross over to our side but it can not until some person brings this older woman to this building. This building should be torn down but for some reason just sits there as a massive eye sore. Sutherland's little investigation has been done before countless times but the movie really does not have any slow or dull scenes. Sutherland takes over the night watch, where I would have just remained in the trailer watching TV or reading a book or cruising the net. No, I would not have made any rounds in such a massive creepy place, not until the sun rose and I would have not have walked too far into the place. The front door would have been strongly held open as well. Job requirements can be bypassed, the interior of this building was just one big hazard even if an evil force was not following the inhabitants around.

This movie would be a solid Holloween watch. The middle of the movie, the blond from Road Trip and Crank has a nasty ending. Totally fiction but her presence in the mirror, the demon, looking at her in her with her appearance is spooky when she is in the bathroom. Special affects were passable.

It went after Sutherland since he was vulnerable and was stressed from his previous NYPD detective position. Apparently, he was involved in a controversial shooting.

Mirrors could have a sequel with that twisted ending. Not sure if Sutherland would want to do that.

When watching this half way decent horror movie, perhaps the best this year, Jack Bauer was ever present. Anyone who has seen 24, Sutherland has totally consumed that role and for the good, he can not escape that charismatic and powerful acting force. Ofcourse if Jack Bauer was really in this movie, he would have jumped into the mirrors when the movie first began and beat the crap out of this evil force before the day was half over. And then had a whopper for lunch.

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