Monday, August 18, 2008


This movie was OK, it has been done before. It did have some hotties in the movie, including Xmen's Famke (Jean Grey or The Phoenix).

It did show how corrupt the French are and Liam Neesan tore them up and ripped into the nasty status quo of trafficking woman in Paris. It is amazing how gullable some girls are, including wealthy ignorant ones are. Kind if wish something like that would happen to Paris Hilton so we do not have see or hear of her any more. But Paris is not as attractive as any female in this film.

Street Kings is better, Taken is entertaining but not on par with the uniqueness and acting of Street Kings. Liam's character should have just told his daughter about the singing opportunity in the beginning. That was a goofy flaw of the film. His daughter was so spoiled it is incredible. Allot of nasty people were killed in this movie, a solid revenge movie. Not a blockbuster like Iron Man. I guess her friend died in the film.

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