Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropic Thunder

This movie will worth bashing since it knocked off the spectacular The Dark Knight off the top of the charts. The first movie to do so.

Tropic Thunder had some major stars in the movie, Tom Cruise and Nick Nolte which was surprising. Tom Cruise had a mask on which was similiar to his chameleon type skills in the Mission Impossible movies.

Pineapple Express is several times more funny than Tropic Thunder. Tropic Thunder has been done before, it was a hog podge of movies all rolled into one. Not to say Pineapple was not either but the stoner movie, with a hot blond, and goofy plot has not been done in a while. Ben Stiller has not really been hilarious since Meet the Parents. In Along Came Polly, it is not him but what happens to him that is mostly funny and his sidekick Phillip Seymore Koffman that sparks interest, hopefully I spelled his name correctly.

Jack Black and Robert Downy Jr were both in Tropic Thunder. Downy's voice must have been dubbed over with a black voice and it was funny and convincing.

The plot consisted of a "gay" or soft director wanting to film the most life like war movie. He was already copying Platoon but that is part of the comedy. They were in Vietnam, so they took the 6 main actors on a helicopter ride into the middle of no where. After putting cameras up every where, and setting up bombs and a new script, they wanted the acting to be more real. Unbeknwest to them, a real life Southeast Asian herion trafficking group had their outfit in operation nearby to where the helicopter dropped off these crew members. It was pretty predictable, Ben Stiller's character really thought it was all part of the act similiar to Three Amigos with Steve Martin. The most hilarious part was here when the director was blown up by an old French mine. Stiller thinking it a ruse, started drinking the blood from his neck. But it was real, Stiller's character not thinking so.

I found myself not laughing that much, the action at the end, totally incredible, the movie was star studded but lacking true comedy. Pineapple is clearly superior, I laughed hysterically at this film about every 10 minutes, perhaps more.

Jack Black probably chose to be teamed up with Ben Stiller since his last few movies have been flops.

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