Friday, April 10, 2009


This documentary was on the greatest fighter of my lifetime. I am not new school in terms of fighting. I do not care for the MMA stuff, I prefer boxing and the big fights of the MMA and UFC do not even compare of the huge fights of Tyson's heyday. I miss that, those huge heavywight bouts. The announcing, the entourage, the hype, Saturday night, it was cool, it was happening, it was exciting. What has replaced this? UFC, those little ally fights in the octagon? Whatever, I do not think so.

This documentary was well done. I knew most of it but I did not know everything. I knew Tyson grew up as bully but according to him, he was robbed and bullied when he first arrived in the Bronx. He bought some pigeons, a punk loser killed one of them and this enraged a 12 year old or so Mike Tyson. Mike the adolescent, with a wild flury of punches beat this guy up, enacting his revenge. This put the fighting motivation in Tyson and the rest of the story is told and written.

I knew Tyson had a good coach in the 1980's and was surrounded by some good people. But when he was 19, Cus D’Amato, his beloved coach and father figure, passed away. This person and positive influence was never replaced. Don King put his own people in place around Mike Tyson, and he squeezed Tyson for everything he was worth throughout his career. I actually like Don King, this was Tyson talking in this documentary calling King a leach. Some of this could be true but Tyson was never the brightest person around. Until I hear King's side the story, I will refrain from judgement. Tyson was successful and I know Don King never told Tyson to blow away $200 as fast as it came in. Just stupid and wasteful.

Holyfield was the first fighter ever to confront Tyson and not back down. This was not something Tyson was used to and Tyson did not know how to handle it. The Spinks knockout of Tyson in Tokyo in 1991 was a fluke. I do not take this seriously and I remember being saddened when this occured. I was glad Tyson continued on his career, Spinks did not carry the flame or mantle for that long.

Tyson was sidelined or sidetracked by a fallacious rape charge. That stupid gold digging woman should not have been upstairs with Mike Tyson. What did she Mike Tyson was going to do? Offer to play chess with her? She is selfish and she took the champ away from his fans and other sports fans for about 18 months. Changing boxing history, this brain dead woman did what no other boxer could do. Ofcourse she needed law enforcement to control Tyson through this brutal ordeal in Indiana. It was a waste of time, it did not teach Tyson anything accept to distrust woman even more than any successful, famous man should. I am not sure what that dumb woman obtain, how much cash, she did receive some publicity her loser behind never deserved. No sympathy from me. Kobe Bryant went through the same trial and tribulation, and that selfish money grubber took him for $3 million. Kobe slipped and his cost him millions in endorsements.

Tyson was a charismatic and incredible fighter. He would get in on bigger opponents and blast them with pin point punches. His fault is that the only person with Tyson's best interests died before Tyson matured and this cut Tyson's success short. Tyson was successful, but did not accomplish as much as he could have.

I wish they included some of the Tupac songs since Tupac used to write some of the rap songs that Tyson chose when walking up to the ring before he was about to lay carnage on another foe.

I give this documentary four stars.****

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