Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Love You, Man

This movie does not have any stars worth mentioning. But it is funny regardless.

Peter Klaven is the main character's name and he is about to marry his pretty fiance Zooey. The problem is and the center point of this movie is that Peter does not have a best man. He does not have any guy friends. He is alone in the world. I knew a guy in high school who ditched his friends to constantly hang out with his girl friend. I will probably not understand that type of thinking and now there is a movie that depicts this. Peter has always been close to the opposite sex and getting married for him or atleast getting a girl to say yes is pretty easy to this nice and handsome fellow. The plot has been set, he needs to find a friend.

The movie constantly refers to this as a man date which is just hilarious. So he goes on a series of man dates with the support of his wife and she tells all her friends about this. It is funny. He has this open house since he is a part time real estate agent. He is trying to sell Lou Ferrigno's house, the Hulk, from the TV series that aired in the late 1970's. At this open house, he meets a good guy named Sydney. Sydney is there for the free food, is the ultimate bachelor, lives on the beach, goes out whenever, and seems to know alot.

The characters run into problems and butt heads when Zooey is upset Peter is spending too much time with Sydney. They fight and they temporarily break up. Ofcourse they join back together at the hip and Sydney and Peter work out their differences.

The funniest part is probably when Peter throws up on this ego centric, vain, muscle head at his regular poker party.

The annoying aspect of this film is that Peter has a tendency to say goofy lines. He tries to make analogies he can not complete and attempts to be funny when he does not have that gift and often times when the conversation has run its course. He is the worst conversation ender in SoCal.

The movie has some decent music, some class rock n roll. It is funny, and entertaining. It is not blockbuster or a champion by no means. Not even close to that heavyweight prize winning movie. That one was one for the ages. Something I hold all comedies up to. The Waterboy and Wedding Crashers come close for instance. This movie does not have the heavy hitters but it tries hard with the budget that it was given. The story line is relevant and original.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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