Saturday, April 25, 2009

Into the Blue 2: The Reef

Marsha Thomason from Lost is the only face that is recognizable in this movie. Her name is Azra here and she is a battle tested fighter, not unlike her Lost character. But in Lost she does not show the urge to demolish a city. This is a B rate film that is a sequel to the Jessica Alba and Paul Walker film of a few years ago. It occurs in Honolulu and is a diving movie. There are some cool under water scenes but nothing worth bragging about or even talking about.

There are some gorgeous girl in the movie and they are lovely. But this movie is not that good. The two main characters run a small diving company in Honolulu. This couple run a respectable business where they retreive artifacts, charter their boat, and take people out in the sea to dive. Ofcourse these people are customers.

Things look bright when a strange man and woman walk in from England and want to hire them for a week. After a day of diving and making merry, things start to do down ward. These English folks spit out some garbage story about what they are seeking, it is not a lost ship but two strange cargo boxes. One of the boxes is found and that night the Americans go out there to see what is in this mysterious box. They conduct a night dive and in this box is some mysterious hard ware. When they return to their boat that, the English folks are waiting for them with guns and they are taken hostage.

It turns out that these English people are terrorists, not sure if they are a real couple but they are intent at blowing up Honolulu. They want to make their own version or create Pearl Harbor II as they say it. The two boxes contain the hardware the nuclear fuel/fision to form this lethal weapon.

The American couple becomes separated since the female performs heroic feat of escaping their boat at night as she is fired at from above. She dives and swims away. But nearly dies from cold as she clings to a buoy all night long.

The villians are eventually over whelmed and outsmarted by the heroes. Another local couple is taken hostage and one American female is shot and killed by the Englishman. He was trying earn compliance by he only managed to earn further distrust and hatred.

The movie had some decent music and the action was half way decent. It was no where as exciting as the original. This movie did show me a water machine that I have never seen before. It is held by one person, with two hands, and can pull someone under or on the surface of the water. It looked like a lot of fun and appears to be able to drag someone about 15 mph.

Azra survives and she kills the top money man in the movie and walks away unscathed, on the run, and into deep hiding. Evil persists.

This movie was still twice as good as Nicolas Cage's wicker man.

I would allocate this movie one star.*

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