Saturday, April 11, 2009

Craig Ferguson: A Wee Bit O' Revolution

Craig Ferguson is a funny man. This is not as funny as Martin Lawrence's Runteldat or Eddie Murphy's Delirious but it is entertaining. I never laughed hysterically but his range of subjects and interesting perspective is worth noting. He has just became a citizen and he discusses how much he loves America. Too bad America is crumbling because of over spending by our government and lack of leadership from our politicians. Nevertheless, Craig marches on and loves America for what it is. I am not sure he knows how America became a great country or if he realizes that America is slowly disentregrating. I think it is easier to detect this outside the country than within. Some people are disillusioned but many Americans do see many of the freedoms they used to enjoy being taxed away.

Craig is in Boston in this act. This comedy show is at a famous Boston theatre. I never heard of it but Craig hypes it up in the beginning, it is called the Wilbur Theatre. Craig takes some shots at Bush but it is funny and ironic that Bush's tactics gives the freedom Craig enjoys to trash the former President. Yes, Bush spent too much money and his last 18 months in office he was beleagured with problems, much of his own undoing.

Sean Connery to drugs is discussed and poked fun of by Craig. He shows no bounds and great range in his topics. He is charismatic but I do not put him up there with Larry the Cable Guy. Nor is he on the level of the funny Bernie Mac who is no longer with us. I enjoy Craig's late night comedy and when he makes fun of the English royalty, that is hilarious. That is funnier than anything he did in this Revolution comedy act.

I am glad Craig loves America and it is refreshing to be reminded by someone why America is great and America does a lot more good things than bad. There is some gratitude that someone actually wants to be a US citizen in light of USA's might diminishing. I guess that says more about the rest of the world than USA. Even with jacked up politicians who dislike the US constitution and care more about terrorists' comfort rather than Americans' safety, America is still somewhat of a shining beacon to the rest of the world. We are fortunate to have Craig on our side and I am glad he is a citizen. He brings something to the table unlike millions of illegal aliens that Obama is about to make legal with a stroke of a pen. Then 15 years from now, America will 12 million other losers banging on our door on our door step for citizenship.

"Do you have that in fat ass?" That was hilarious when he said and when he was trying out for "Suddenly Susan." He tried to change his Scottish accent to a Spanish one, and one of the producers called him "Ripley's Believe It or Not." That was funny. But many of his jokes, stories, and acts, I was just ho-hum about them.

I allocate this comedy routine one star.*

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