Saturday, April 18, 2009


This movie does not have any major stars in it and not one character dominates the scenes. Some faces are recognizable though. The main actor is Jesse Eisenberg who plays James Brennan. He obtains a job at a local amusement park called Adventureland and the typical stuff happens. Losers trying to cheat to obtain a top prize and the hot summer days marching on by. His character has been done in Juno, Superbad, and so many other movies. He is the good guy, the honest person, the person afraid to use common teenage jargon. Like "intercourse" rather than the word that is normally used by teenagers.

It is another high school love story as well. The good guy trying to grasp the heart of a cute girl. But this girl is not an Alicia Cuthbert or anything even approaching this. Kristen Stewart is attractive, kind of like an Avril Lavigne but without the musical talent. Stewart plays Em Lewin.

This movie is not nearly as funny as its main competition-Observe and Report. It does not even approach this film in hilarity. The latter would mop the floor with this lame duck film.

Ryan Reynolds is in this movie. He is the stud of the film but he is not a jerk like Cam Gigandet's chracter was in last year's hit Never Back Down. He is the mechanic and maintenance man of the rides at this mediocre amusement park.

The movie takes place during the summer of these teenagers. Reynold's is not portrayed as a teenager in this movie, just someone in the neighborhood. I am not sure why the US education system still has 3 month summers. We are not an agriculture society any more. The entire educational year should be changed for adolescents.

The most appealing girl in this movie, the typical teenage hottie, who does even know what the word preceeds means is: Margarita Levieva. She plays Lisa P. But this movie has a lot of characters in it, even the main actor-Jesse Eisenberg-shares a lot of screen time with other characters. This movie is diluted but there is a reason for this, this guy can not carry this movie or probably none other. Lisa P. does have a job though, she also works at this amusement park.

Em and Lisa P. become mixed up in the same guy. James is running back and forth like a chicken with its cut off. The movie is not that appealing. Not one character is memorable or worth quoting.

Em and James make it right at the end and Em admits she made some mistakes. This movie is not original at all. It will probably last one weekend in the theatre if that. Not one scene was hilarious, a few scenes made me smile. It was no where near American Pie, I can not even say it equals American Pie III just because that movie put forth January Jones.

The amusement park is called Adventureland but the movie should be called Regurgitation.

I give this movie one star.*

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