Monday, February 2, 2009

The Uninvited

I did not place too much emphasis on this movie. I did not watch this movie that closely. It does not deserve that type of attention. I have seen this movie in about 6 other horror movies. But Emily Browning is worth looking at. She is a cutey, no doubt. She will be beautiful soon enough.

Elizabeth Banks is also in this movie. She is average looking and plays the villian in this movie. Banks plays Rachel

David Strathairn is in this movie. He played the hard nosed but sloppy CIA team supervisor in The Bourne Ultimatum.

Browning is someone who has had a mental condition and her dreams are the main reason. So she is not perfect either.

Banks is someone who is trying to marry Browning's father. Browning has a skinny sister in this movie who concurs with Browning that Banks has devilish intentions. Banks is also someone who has hidden and lied about her past. All to build trust with the father, who she wants to marry.

There is a necklace in this movie that has some significance. Apparently, Browning's mother was murdered by Banks. This necklace was stolen by Browning. Banks is a killer and is not afraid to kill again. Despite the cuteness of Browning, this movie is not worth watching. The scary music does coincide with the appropriate scenes. The movie begins with a stereotypical high school party. The movie has a couple of frightening scenes. The acting is ho hum and the title is even similiar to another horror movie that has just been released. So it seems Hollywood is copying from itself again, ala Deep Impact and the superior version of Armegeddon.

The toss in a little 6th Sense in the end. Browning's sister is never actually alive, she has been dead throughout. And Browning is the villian, not Banks. Browning is evil but certainly adorable. They do a 360 at the end.

I allocate this movie one star.*

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