Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Unborn

Odette Yustman is highly attractive and she proved this in Cloverfield. Why they did not give her more screen time is beyond me. I am waiting for the sequel.

But she is not Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Gary Oldman supports this movie as a rabbi.

Madonna may like this movie since it speaks about Jewish mysticism. Kabbala is mentioned as well.

The movie involves a demon known as a dybbuk. This demon predates time, it must be just inherent evil. This demon was given outlet when the nazis were supposedly experimenting with twins. This demon has an affinity with mirrors and therefore twins. The dybbuk is not always evil but in this case it is.

This adaptation shows a violent spirit that has evil intentions from the outset. I am not sure what this evil was doing before mankind but I am pretty sure this spirit had a party when Eve accepted he apple from the snake/devil.

Odette is gorgeous and from America as far as I know. Why her name is Odette is beyond me. She is stunning in real life but this movie does not show really how beautiful she is. She has some wicked and bright eyes in this movie.

This movie's first half was terrible. It jumped around, the sequence was correct but the flow was turbulent and rough. Some scenes did not connect well with the previous ones.

Odette's character is being haunted by the dybbuk. But this does not stop her from jogging alone down a cold path. She does visit her grandmother who finally gives her some solid advice on how to combat this entity. Her father appears in the movie but then is not shown again for quite some time. And that is just strange. Where is he at when this entity is targeting his daughter like a heat seeking missile?

Odette locates Gary because he is pointed out by her grandmother. Gary rebuffs her at first because she does not believe. But Gary changes her mind when the dybbuk visits him. That is worst mistake of this dimensional being. Asinine, a strategic mistake. This scent should have just continued to target her since it seemed her father was just going through his life just as ignorant as possible. Her friends were easy pluckings. And this entity was using this neighbor's boy's body at will to carry out his message. But when this strange dog challenges Gary's character, a Rabbi, he knows this girl was not joking and requires help.

The Rabbi agrees to perform the exorcism and they choose to do it in an abandoned building. I did not hear the explanation for this choice. I guess the Rabbi knew stuff was going to get wrecked, so it may be worthless and and unwanted objects. Ten people were there for the exorcism, including Odette's boyfriend-Cam Gigandet. This tough guy played the villian and jerk in last year's Never Back Down. It was cool and refreshing to see him get his ass kicked at the end of that picture.

The last 15 minutes of this movie is action packed and thrilling. The dybbuk kills about half the people involved in the exorcist which is just totally fiction. It is a movie. No way, something could harness and possess this sort of physical power. It is loud and obnoxious. A strong, knowledgeable priest with a proud and matching guardian angel is beaten down and easily consumed by the fury of this dybbuk. I do not think so, but Hollywood does. Cam is killed at the end of this film when Odette and Oldman's Rabbi lay their faith into the dybbuk. Which is just awkward since they just look odd together and her shallow and benign character never shows the strength to battle such an entity. She is not a church goer. Her life is some attending some classes, jogging, being rich, and looking hot. Easy pickings. This is what makes this movie straightforward and childlike.

The movie sent Odette messages about something wanting to be born. It is revealed at the end that she has twins coming. So I guess they set it up for a part two? To bad Cam never knew. Ofcourse neither were or are ready for children, especially twins.

The dybbuk killed her grandmother in a gruesome way. Pretty wicked night time scene. But, flaws abound. How anyone in that busy old folks home is not awakened is ridiculous. Where was security or an orderly?

The movie had impressive music and it flowed with the graphics and acting. But the characters do some typical stupid things that is any average horror movie. The movie was well casted and I did learn some things. To me, that is important. Since I would be asking questions as well and it shows someone who was writing the movie actually put some thought into it. In addition, I like to learn something from a movie. Unlike Die Hard IV, this movie's second half is more impressive than the first half. Odette is attractive, Oldman is a fine actor. I still think of him as a villian though, he does a good job at that. I think his character in The Professional has a dybbuk in him. He was a filthy detective in that screen play.

Unborn tries to out do The Exorcist though. The problem with this is that that movie had incredible writing, began in Africa and then comes here, to the US. Unborn has the twisting body parts and even tosses a dog with a mask in there. Scary, creative, but nothing on The exorcist. The latter had psychiatry, science, geography, and religion and tied in. And, not to mention, a stubborn and secular mother.

The Unborn was twice as good as The Uninvited though even if the stars do not indicate this. I would not sit through it again. No humor really, typical adolescent horror movie for the most part. Sophistication only comes in the end with a couple of lines and reasoning.

I allocate this movie two stars.*

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