Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I wish someone would give Jennifer Connelly her body back. But she is still gorgeous. This movie set her against Scarlett Johansson which could be any guys worst or best nightmare. This movie put the former's character into a position most guys would deem unnattractive. Her nagging probably forced her husband to smoke and I am sure if he did not smoke she would have found something else to tear into him about. Connelly plays Janine who is a neat freak and seems to be pretty controlling. Not spontaneous for interesting, not a fun person. This opens the door for her husband-Bradley Cooper-whose name is Ben to have a fling witht the gorgeous Anna played by Scarlett. Ofcourse he should not have done what he did, he should be a better communicator with his wife so it never led to this.

Regarding Ben and Janine, she apparently forced him to marry him by giving him an ultimatum. This is stupid since no one, well, not likely, for someone to force someone else to marry them. He should have known that anyone who issues an order like this is probably not someone he should be sharing a life with. I do not care how long they have been together. That was a strong sign of a clear and present danger, no pun in intended.

This movie, to me, is not that funny and entertaining. About half the scenes were watchable. This movie is not designed for me though. I enjoyed mostly because Scarlett was present.

Justin Long from the 4th Die Hard was here. The terrible actor in Ben Afflect was included in this film. And I do not think it was ironic he was paired with Jennifer Aniston who I and many other guys as well just can not stand. Why does she appear to be completely useless in every film? What can she do? Accept walk around with a tan? A fake tan at that.

The adorable Drew Barrymore was in this film. This movie is mainly about relationships. Most characters or all of them finish in a happy setting-accept Ben who is given divorce papers. He better run back to Anna and patch things up whose singing career is just on the first pedestal. What is funny is she blows up at him but she is OK with pursuing a married man. A little hypocrisy?

This movie has all star cast of a lot of twenty or thirty something actors and actresses that Hollywood has to offer. Only a few are worth paying to see and this movie was not that one. This movie is not really pitted against any one sex. The title is tilted in favor of males but only one female character in the movie, and there are many, has a character that falls under the title's meaning. All of the other females are either married, have boyfriends, and/or do not have any issues with attracting a date. The female that does not is just not that cute.

The soundtrack is nonexistent. The humor is few and far between. Connelly does not have the body she once had like in movies such as A Beautiful Mind. This opens doors with girls who have bodies and are not promoting the scrawny look like Scarlett.

I would allocate this movie two stars.**

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