Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Bloody Valentine

Hollywood has made a horror movie for every holiday even ones that are not really holidays. Valentine's day is a commercial success for the chocolate and Hallmart card industries and company, respectively. But it is founded on frivlous and secular roots that has every female on the planet expecting some sort of gift. Funny thing is, this movie does not show a lot of chocolate or sweet gifts. Only gift card was shown

The movie is about a small town called Rockwell that lost 22 people from a psychotic minor who killed a lot of people. His MO is simple, use a pickax and clobber people with it. He conceals himself with a breathing apparatus which makes him even more frightening. I did not watch it that closely, it was not worth my time. This movie does not have on actress worth mentioning or discussing. The acting is weak and writing in proportion.

The movie is not scary and but there is some decent music, like when the is in the news reporter is reporting the latest kills and history of the town in the beginning. What happened 10 years prior is the story's backdrop. The story occurs in present day and many of the kills are down in the mine. But the killer attacks people in their homes and in grocery stores. He enjoys the fresh air apparently. The characters bicker about the past, it rarely is enticing though. Not one character is worth adoring or following through completely.

The killer ends up being a guy no one would suspect and not even a miner. And why he enjoys killing people so much is pretty incredible. Another ridiculous aspect in this film is that no one is carrying a gun even though people are dropping like flies and the town is def con eleven. Woman are still walking around alone and chit chatting like everything is OK. It is a typical horror movie in that naked woman are shown similiar to the old 1980's Holloween films. It is not even the best horror movie of this month.

This movie is allocated one star.*

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