Thursday, February 12, 2009


This creative movie was entertaining. I do not think it was as good as Jumper of 2008 but it was it was an entire franchise better than Twilight. Djimon Hounsou from Amistad and Blood Diamond stars in this movie. He plays the quintessential US Federal Agent hunting this object. He has special powers, this eyes darken and he has the the ability to take other people's lives. No joke.

This movie is a fantastical movie. Dakota Fanning is almost all grown up now, she was in the block buster movie Man On Fire with the superstar Denzel.

Neil Jackson is Hounsou's partner who has a tragic ending in this film. But he takes out a lot of people as well. The movie is called Push but it is kind of a copy of Heroes and last year's Jumper. Unique like Jumper but many people have different powers like Heroes. I do not care for Heroes since that is a smorgasbord of so many other shows and movies and Push copies that. So, if it is possible, it is unique but a replica simultaneously. If this is possible

Jackson has the ability to block bullets and like Darth Vader, fling people and objects around rooms. He has tremendous ability, much like the mutants in the X-Men movies. Another movie this has borrowed ideas from.

This movies takes place in Hong Kong. The Chinese mafia seem to get tangled up in this movie and that adds another element. But it seems they are only around to get tossed around and die. But they have some mutants on their payroll. They have a gorgeous girl whose character has been done many times by other Chinese actresses. She has the ability to track people down using various techniques. That is cool. But they have some guys who can scream real loud, enough to blow up someone's ear drums and break stuff down. This is just ridiculous. This is also a copy of a mutant which I believe is called Scream. A pretty simple idea, nothing creative or deep about this character.

The movie did not have any special music. The acting was average and the writing was basic. Some cool action scenes when one of the main characters, Chris Evans from last year's hit Street Kings, controlled some guns and manipulating them high above the room and they snuck down and pointed at Jackson and Hounsou's heads, respectively. This is something that the powerful mutant Magneto would and could do in his sleep. But this movie is supposed to be a little more realistic. To bad it pails in comparison with any of the three X Men movies.

Not a lot of humor, this was completely inspirationless. Not totally unappealing, but just a space filler before the Terminators and Transformers are given to us this summer. I can not wait. I would not recomend this movie, perhaps on a hot Arizona like day and there is nothing else to do but dodge large insects and scorpions.

I allocate this movie two stars.**

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